For most Pittsburghers, life is fast and challenging. If you live in Pittsburgh, keeping track of spiders is probably not on your radar. Even if you don't live life at full tilt, we're sure you have more important things to do than monitor spider populations around or inside your home. But, when you have the professionals at Witt in your corner, you don't have to. We'll take care of those spiders while you focus on what matters to you.

Spiders are a nuisance. They build webs in the upper corners of your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and other common areas. They create webs on your deck in just the right location for you to walk right through them with your face. They establish themselves in your gardens, landscaping, and other vegetation so you turn around and find one right there, hovering in a web in front of you. You'll find them in your basement, crawling on your wall and making webs in dark corners. You'll find them in your attic, in between boxes, and making webs in your rafters. When you have spiders everywhere, unwanted encounters are going to happen.

While spiders don't prefer to bite you, some can and will bite you. Most bites won't amount to much more than an itchy red welt, but some can be a concern. And, if you get bitten by the wrong spider in the wrong place, it can be painful. It is best to not have spiders around.

Direct Spider Control

The team at Witt uses a systematic approach to reducing spider populations that employs Integrated Pest Management, green pest control and the use of EPA-approved pest control products. With each service visit from you Witt pest professional, you'll get a detailed inspection, an up-to-date record of pest pressures, the removal of webs around your home, and appropriate treatments applied to targeted areas of vulnerability. These work directly to reduce spider populations in your yard.

Indirect Spider Control

Your pest control service will also indirectly reduce spiders. You probably know this but, spiders eat bugs. The more bugs you have around your home, the more spiders you're going to have. Our TOPcare programs give you coverage for over 40 common Pittsburgh pests. This helps to stop those pests before they get into your home, this works to reduce this attractant that can lure spiders into your yard.

Home Spider Control

If spiders, or any of the pests covered by your year-round service, get into your Pittsburgh home, you're not going to be charged extra to have them removed. When you need us between visits, we come over for free and fix your pest problem. In the case of a spider infestation, your pest management professional (PMP) will use a mixture of surveillance, bait, and exclusion to get rid of those spiders.

  • Surveillance: Spiders can get into places that are hard or impossible to reach but your PMP uses strategically placed traps to monitor for spider activity within your home, track down those spiders, and eliminate them when they come out of hiding.
  • Baiting: One of the most powerful tools in the belt of a PMP is bait. It doesn't require any sprayed pest control agents and is able to work in a more targeted way to stop spiders in their tracks.
  • Exclusion: Once your spider infestation has been arrested, it is important to make sure new spiders don't come in to replace the spiders that have been eliminated. Your PMP knows how spiders get in and, most importantly, how to seal them out.

It is extremely difficult to manage spider populations without an education in pest management because spiders aren't the only pest you have to contend with. You have to impact the population of bugs around your home as well. We hope you consider investing in TOPcare, TOPcare Plus or TOPcare Complete. These programs give essential protection from over 40 common pests and the spiders that eat them. When it comes to protecting your health and property from the harmful influence of pests, you won't find a more effective and affordable solution. Reach out to us today and start the conversation. We're here to help.