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Here's the setup. You have made yourself a beautiful sandwich with a few chips on the side and even a pickle but, before you sit down to enjoy it, you go back into the kitchen to get something to drink. When you return, drink in hand, you stop short. There, crawling around on your lunch, are several big black flies! If this happened to you, would you be grossed out? Would it make you feel sick? If it wouldn't, then you don't know enough about flies. Those flies aren't just nuisances pests, they can actually make you very sick! Here are some things you should know about these filthy pests:

The Disturbing Behavior of Flies

House flies are only able to digest liquids but they feed on our solid foods. How do they do this? It’s simple, they liquify their dinner. It works like this: when a fly lands on food, it regurgitates stomach acids onto the food in order to liquify it. Then, it drinks the food with its straw-like mouthpart. But, before this, it uses its feet to "taste" the food as it walks around on your food, feet that may have just been walking on feces, dead animals, rotting food in your trash, or worse! In fact, flies are drawn to dirty places and known to carry over 100 different types of germs.

So How Are All These Flies Getting In?

First of all, to reduce flies in and around your home, it is important to maintain a clean property. Eliminating clutter and decaying organic matter and keeping trash in tightly-sealed containers will help keep flies away from your property and reduce the current fly population around your property so that there are fewer flies are trying to get in. Here are some of the ways they'll try to get in when they do explore the exterior walls of your home:

  • Screens: If the screens on your windows and doors are in poor condition such as ripped or torn, flies will squeeze right through them.

  • Open doors: If the doors are left open, flies will come in. It is best to keep doors shut when not in use.

  • Open windows: Flies can use open windows to gain entry to our homes as well. It is best not to leave them open for long periods of time.

  • Vents: Sometimes flies and other pests can crawl in through vents that do not have screens placed over them.

Why Professional PC For Flies Beats DIY Every Time

While there are many steps you can take to help prevent flies from infesting your home, none of them are guaranteed to be effective. In addition, flies can be a frustrating pest to try to get rid of without professional help. The pest professionals at Witt Pest Management are trained to provide effective house fly control that provides excellent results every time!

Reach out to Witt today, to get rid of all those pesky flies so you can enjoy a fly-free home and property!

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