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Thanks for stopping by our blog.  We've been serving Pittsburgh awhile now (over 100 years!) and have some insight on the pests that thrive here and how you can prevent them.  We'll also share how the Witt Pest Management team gets rid of pests and perhaps, from time to time, what's going on in our pest control company.   

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a yellow jacket wasp emerging from a ground nest outside of a home in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Summer is a favorite season for many people, especially when you live in an area like Pittsburgh, PA where the winters can be rough. Even so, there are a few benefits that come with summer ending and fall beginning. The end of summer usually signals the end of bug season, and most would agree that…

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a common house spider spinning its web in a pittsburge pennsylvania home during a cool fall evening

Spiders are unique because they can survive temperatures that drop below freezing, so remaining outdoors well into the fall is not a problem for them. If that leaves you wondering why spiders invade Pittsburgh homes during the fall, read on.

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bed bug on human hair

Many pests have a seasonality. These are times of the year when they become more of a problem because of the weather outside. While bed bug infestations rise here and there, and these insects can be influenced by increased warmth outside, they are somewhat unique as a pest problem.

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