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Thanks for stopping by our blog.  We've been serving Pittsburgh awhile now (over 100 years!) and have some insight on the pests that thrive here and how you can prevent them.  We'll also share how the Witt Pest Management team gets rid of pests and perhaps, from time to time, what's going on in our pest control company.   

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a large colony of pavement ants clustered into a line formation as they infest a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

Summer means lots of ants in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. It’s up to you to take steps to prevent them from becoming a nuisance in your home. There are many effective do-it-yourself tricks you can use to deter ants as much as possible. If you’ve tried everything or are just…

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a black brown and white spider hanging from a web in a pittsburge pennsylvania home

Are you noticing a lot of creepy crawly spiders setting up shop in your Pittsburgh home this summer?  Find out why spider infestations can occur in the summer and factors that may increase their presence. Different climates, as well as environmental and situational factors,  can encourage…

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an american cockroach crawling along a pittsburgh kitchen countertop

Here in Pittsburgh, cockroaches can pose dangers to your home during the summer months. There are several factors that increase the presence of cockroaches during these warmer months. While homeowners can try DIY treatments, they are often ineffective and can make the problem worse. Calling for…

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