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Thanks for stopping by our blog.  We've been serving Pittsburgh awhile now (over 100 years!) and have some insight on the pests that thrive here and how you can prevent them.  We'll also share how the Witt Pest Management team gets rid of pests and perhaps, from time to time, what's going on in our pest control company.   

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baldfaced hornet up close

Baldfaced hornets are territorially focused on protecting their nests at any cost. However, they become more aggressive at the end of summer and beginning of fall when food sources are becoming more scarce. These hornets start acting with a frenzied sense of urgency and will become far more…

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technician installing termite control around pittsburgh home

If you were worried about termites in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this Spring and Summer, you may think that they will die off or go into hibernation during the Fall and Winter months, you may want to think again. Termites are wood damaging pests that are capable of enduring difficult conditions, which…

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stink bug near pittsburgh home

Summer will soon be winding down, and we will start feeling a little nip in the air. The end of summer is a refreshing season, a time when we can breathe the crisp, cooler air; a time when we can open up windows and doors to let in end-of-summer breezes; and a time to start enjoying stink bugs that…

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