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Thanks for stopping by our blog.  We've been serving Pittsburgh awhile now (over 100 years!) and have some insight on the pests that thrive here and how you can prevent them.  We'll also share how the Witt Pest Management team gets rid of pests and perhaps, from time to time, what's going on in our pest control company.   

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termites in pittsburgh home

Many homeowners look at professional pest control as a very helpful yet unnecessary expenditure, a lot like a car was service, or house cleaning service, it is definitely nice to have but we often wonder if it is really worth the money paid.

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german cockroach

Your home should be a place where you can come home to relax, spend time with your family, and sleep soundly at night. If your home’s barriers are breached by home-invading German roaches, however, your home will no longer feel like your sanctuary; a cockroach infestation can make your home…

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yellow jacket on a nest

While there are many benefits to the summer season, such as lively weekend festivals, picnics, blooming flowers, and warm, sunny days, there are also some negatives; one of the biggest downsides to the summer season is the return of the warm weather insects. Ants, mosquitoes, and flies are a common…

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