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Thanks for stopping by our blog.  We've been serving Pittsburgh awhile now (over 100 years!) and have some insight on the pests that thrive here and how you can prevent them.  We'll also share how the Witt Pest Management team gets rid of pests and perhaps, from time to time, what's going on in our pest control company.   

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earwig found on pittsburgh home

As Autumn progresses homeowners will often find themselves battling insects trying to escape the cold by inviting themselves inside. One of the most common of these household pests in the Pittsburgh area is the earwig. With its sleek brown body, sinuous movements, and especially its large abdominal…

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spider web in pittsburgh basement

Fall is the time of the year when we find ourselves wanting to be inside more often in the warmth of our homes. We aren’t the only creatures making their way inside, though. An eight-legged creature comes to mind—one that much of the population would list as a top fear. Yes, spiders are…

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leaves in garbage can

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about fall cleanup. We know there are a whole lot of other things you would probably rather do on your weekends, like watching some college football on Saturday, NFL on Sunday, or one of the new television shows in this year's fall lineup…

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