Why Professional Termite Control Is Worth It

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Many homeowners look at professional pest control as a very helpful yet unnecessary expenditure, a lot like a car wash service, or house cleaning service, it is definitely nice to have but we often wonder if it is really worth the money paid. 

Termites are very difficult pests to prevent and their damages can be severe and costly; the only solution that can protect homeowners from invading termites and give them peace of mind knowing that they are protected from costly damages termites can cause is professional termite control. Though there are tips homeowners can follow to help avoid termites problems, in the end, attempting to treat or prevent a termite infestation without professional help is like trying to use a band-aid to fix a gaping wound — it just won’t work!

Here are five of the most common areas that termites can damage:

  • Crawl spaces. Basements and attics are easy areas to check but don’t forget about crawl spaces. Any out-of-the-way area that is prone to moisture is attractive to termites.
  • Subflooring. Termites live underground so they can get to areas of our homes that aren’t easily accessible to us. If you notice buckling of your floors or areas that look like they have water damage, you may have termites in your subflooring.
  • Wooden Fencing. If you have a wood fence bordering your property, it could be home to termites. Termites anywhere on your property can soon make their way inside your home.
  • Basement Window Frames. Termites usually live at ground level, so wooden basement window frames are ideal places for them to infest. Often decks and porches get built over small basement windows or shrubbery gets planted in front of them, so they are overlooked.
  • Playhouses, swing sets, picnic tables, and more. If they are made of wood, all the leisure items on your property can be home to termites. Your child’s wooden treehouse, the porch rocker, the wooden window boxes you’ve had for years, and the wooden sandbox are all areas you should include in your inspection.

Termites often enter homes by traveling underground and then into homes through small cracks in the foundation. Once they gain access to a home, they will begin tunneling through the home’s structural wood. Termites can work for weeks, months, or even years without homeowners even realizing that they’re there! Then one day a door stops closing properly, or you notice some staining or blistering on your walls, or you tap on a piece of wood and it sounds hollow and BAM, you discover that termites have invaded your property and are literally eating you out of house and home! To make matters even worse, termites don’t live in colonies of just a few hundred members – a single termite colony can be made up of millions of termites!

The good news when it comes to dealing with termites is that, even though their damages can be devastating, these pests and the damages they cause can be prevented by being proactive and partnering with a trusted professional pest control company. At Witt Pest Management, we can prevent termite infestations as well as eliminate active termite infestations through the installation of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award-winning Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

Sentricon® with Always Active™ begins eliminating termites as soon as the non-invasive bait stations are strategically placed around your property and are filled with Recruit® HD bait which termites actually prefer over wood. After these bait stations are placed, the termites on your property will feed on the bait and take it back to feed to the rest of their colony, effectively eliminating the entire colony. This baiting system will not only eliminate current infestations, but will also stand up to tough environmental conditions for years and years, ensuring that your home is always protected against termites. Sentricon® with Always Active™ and our highly-trained and educated termite control professional is the exact combination that you need to protect their property from highly damaging termites long into the future. Year after year, Sentricon® with Always Active™ will provide a barrier of protection for any home or business and protect home and business owners, properties, and bank accounts from the damaging ramifications of a termite infestation.

Now back to the original question of whether or not professional termite control is worth it. The answer to this question is yes, it is worth it! Termite control is a necessary step in protecting your home from termite problems and termite damages that will be costly to repair.

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