Mt. Lebanon, PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Mt. Lebanon, PA

Mt. Lebanon is “a community with character” that offers its residents many different housing styles from modern to historic and everything in between. Mt. Lebanon is home to tree-lined streets, nature trails, gardens, top-notch recreational facilities, and plenty of community events: fairs, parades, street parties and more.  To help protect this eclectic community from the many pests that also, unfortunately, call this area of Pennsylvania home, Witt Pest Management offers a variety of commercial and residential pest control services. We are a local company that is trusted by more than 10,000 homeowners to take care of their pest control needs. Since 1908, Witt has been dedicated to keeping Pittsburgh-area homes and businesses free of damaging, dangerous, and annoying pests. To learn more about implementing our industry-leading, green pest control solutions into your Mt. Lebanon property, contact us today at Witt Pest Management.

Residential Pest Control In Mt. Lebanon, PA

Pests have the potential to enter your home at any time of the year to find shelter, food, and water. Many people don't associate pest problems with fall and winter, but the fact of the matter is, insects and rodents can get into Mt. Lebanon homes any time of year. To prevent problems with pests throughout the entire year, implement a year-round residential pest control program with the experts at Witt Pest Management. Our programs work to quickly find and eliminate pest problems and implement the services needed to keep pests from returning. Our most comprehensive program is our TopCare® Complete program. This program provides customers year-round protection from over 40 common household pests through scheduled seasonal comprehensive treatments, easy and affordable payment plans, detailed reports of our visits, a thorough inspection, and termite monitoring and elimination. To learn more about our TopCare Complete program or any of our highly effective TopCare programs, get in touch with the experienced and friendly experts at Witt Pest Management today. 

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Guide To Ant Control In Mt. Lebanon, PA

At Witt, we understand how frustrating ants can be. They enter our homes through the tiniest of cracks and crevices and, once inside, they have the potential to contaminate food sources. Ants are difficult to eliminate and some species, such as carpenter ants, are destructive and can cause significant damage to the structure of a home. To help combat the seemingly never-ending battle against ant infestations, we have developed an effective ant control service that can be completed on its own as a short-term program or in conjunction with one of our home protection plans.
The first step in eliminating ants begins when a Witt Pest Management technician visits and performs an inspection to identify signs of ant activity in or around your home. They will also pinpoint which species of ants are present and where they are nesting. The second step is the treatment to put an end to your home’s ant infestation. Treatment includes locating nesting sites on your property, treating along building foundations to create a defensive perimeter to keep ants out, and the spraying of ant trails and hills to help stop future infestations. To learn more about controlling invasive ants on your Mt. Lebanon property, contact the professionals at Witt Pest Management today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Mt. Lebanon, PA

The smartest and most effective way to protect your Mt. Lebanon business from Pennsylvania pests is to implement Witt Pest Management’s SmartPM® program (Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management.) This eco-friendly pest control program provides commercial customers with exceptional commercial pest control services that eliminate and control pests while only using pesticides when it is absolutely necessary. Our professionals handle a wide variety of pest control issues and provide protection against pests using the latest advances in pest control technology. Our commercial pest control services include thorough inspections, accurate pest identification, the implementation of treatment methods, the creation of comprehensive service reports at the end of each visit, and strong, positive interactions. Call us today to learn more about our GreenPro Certified commercial pest control program.

Learn How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Mt. Lebanon, PA

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that hitchhike their way from place to place on us or in our belongings. Their flattened oval-shaped bodies allow them to hide unnoticed in our homes, emerging at night from their hiding spots to feed on our blood. To reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation in your Mt. Lebanon home, check out these simple tips:

  • Keep your bags, coats, purses, suitcases, coats, and other personal items up off of the floor.

  • As much as possible, prevent your kids from sitting on the ground in airports, hotels, libraries, and shopping centers.

  • Inspect a hotel room, or any other environment you will be sleeping in, for signs of bed bugs before bringing luggage and other personal belongings in.

  • After returning home from a trip, immediately unpack suitcases and begin washing and drying all the clothing on a high-heat setting.

  • Vacuum and wipe out suitcases before putting them away.

  • Make sure your kids know to keep their personal belongings up off of the floor while at school, keeping hats, coats, and backpacks in/on their own designated hook, locker, or cubby.

  • After purchasing clothing, bring it home and immediately wash and dry it.

  • If possible, do not purchase used furniture, mattresses, or box springs for your home.

If bed bugs do find their way into your Mt. Lebanon home, there is an easy way to get rid of the infestation, contact Witt Pest Management. We can quickly come to your aid, perform an inspection, and eliminate bed bugs with our effective bed bug treatment solutions. Give us a call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals to learn more about these parasitic pests.