Penn Hills, PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Penn Hills, PA

Penn Hills, an affluent community, is the second largest municipality in Allegheny County. This community places an emphasis on enrichment and provides a place where all its residents can thrive in a safe and secure environment. To help keep your Penn Hills home or business safe from the many different pests that also live throughout Allegheny County, Witt Pest Management has been offering local and effective pest control services since 1908. In fact, we are Pittsburgh's oldest and most advanced pest control company. We are dedicated to providing the residential and commercial pest control services needed to solve any pest problem. To learn more about working together to protect your home or business from pests, give Witt Pest Management a call.

Residential Pest Control In Penn Hills, PA

The easiest solution to solving your Penn Hills home’s pest problems is to implement a year-round, home protection program from Witt Pest Management. We offer homeowners a choice of programs that offer comprehensive, modern, and eco-friendly protection against pests, ensuring that we meet everyone’s unique needs.
Our offerings include: 

  • TopCare®, a program which includes an initial service visit where we provide a detailed inspection and interior visit. We then schedule comprehensive treatments to be completed during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

  • TopCare® Plus is a program which includes everything that is in the above TopCare program with the added advantage of termite monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

  • TopCare® Complete is our most inclusive program and includes everything in the TopCare Plus program. This program also provides comprehensive termite elimination through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

To learn more about protecting your home and family from common household pests, reach out to Witt Pest Management.

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Guide to Minimizing Mosquito Exposure in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania

There are many steps you can take around your property to help minimize mosquito activity and your family’s exposure to these biting pests:

  • Reduce areas of standing water.

  • Eliminate areas of overgrown vegetation.

  • Maintain gutters.

  • Keep grass cut short.

  • Reduce the number of flowering plants and trees on your property.

However, the most effective way to reduce the number of mosquitoes breeding and resting on your property is to put into place a professional mosquito control service. Witt Pest Management can provide effective mosquito control through our Mosquito and Tick Defense program, which is offered as a one-time treatment or an on-going service.
To defend your home from mosquitoes, we complete an inspection and then apply a mosquito repellent using a specialized misting system. We complete treatments during the peak mosquito season which, in Allegheny County and throughout Western Pennsylvania, is between April and October. Don’t spend another year allowing mosquitoes to dictate when you can enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces. Learn more about the benefits of our combined Mosquito and Tick Defense program. 

Commercial Pest Control in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania

Protect your Penn Hills business from pests through the commercial pest control services provided by Witt Pest Management. Our commercial pest control services are completed through our SmartPM® program (Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management). The SmartPM® program includes a thorough inspection, accurate identification of pest(s), and the elimination and prevention of your facility’s pest problems. Additionally, our professionals generate a comprehensive report at the end of each visit to ensure you are always kept abreast of what is happening inside your facility. To learn more about the commercial pest control services that GreenPro Certified Witt Pest Management offers, reach out and speak with one of our experts.

Why Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, Homeowners Need Termite Protection

Penn Hills homeowners need termite protection because any home that is not protected has the potential to be invaded by wood-destroying termites. Termites enter homes unnoticed through cracks in their foundations or through soil-to-wood (trim, shingles, support beams) contact. Once inside, they invade structural wood and feed 24 hours a day, throughout the entire year. The damage that they cause can be extensive and expensive to repair, as termite damage is not typically covered by homeowners insurance.
To know that your home and bank account will stay safe from termites, partner with Witt Pest Management and Sentricon® with Always Active™. Sentricon® with Always Active™™ is eco-friendly and non-invasive, completely eliminating termite colonies without digging, drilling, trenching, or injecting chemicals into the soil. This system works immediately, eliminates every member of the colony and, once the initial infestation is taken care of, it remains in place and is regularly monitored to stop future problems with termites. To learn more about this Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award-winning termite control system, contact Witt Pest Management and discover what all of our termite control services have to offer!