Aliquippa PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Aliquippa, PA

Aliquippa, PA offers friendly neighborhoods, many business opportunities, and a riverside view. While living in our welcoming community is enjoyable, pests are still a problem that many of us face daily. Witt Pest Management offers effective pest control services to eliminate existing pest problems and to prevent future attacks. Our pest professionals are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable about the pests living in our area. Our services cover a wide variety of pests including spiders, ants, termites, rodents, and many more. Give the professionals here at Witt Pest Management a call today for more information about our residential and commercial pest control options.

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Home Pest Control In Aliquippa, PA

The protection of your home and family is the most important responsibility you have as a homeowner. However, at Witt Pest Management, we understand how difficult it can be to keep pests at bay when you’re busy attending school, going to work, hosting social events, etc. With the pest professionals here at Witt Pest Management by your side, you can continue focusing on your other responsibilities. We take care of home-invading pests so you don’t have to! We offer three comprehensive pest management programs which include our TopCare, TopCare Plus, and TopCare Complete pest control programs. No matter your needs or budget, Witt Pest Management has a home pest control plan for you. Keep you Aliquippa residential property pest-free all year long. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

Learn How To Identify Bed Bugs In Aliquippa, PA

Bed bugs. We’ve all heard of them, but not everyone has had the misfortune of having them on their property. Learning how to identify bed bugs and what signs they leave behind may help you determine if they’ve invaded your Aliquippa property. Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown in color, and resemble an apple seed. Nymphs look similar to adult bed bugs but are smaller in size and transparent. A few signs that can indicate a bed bug infestation on your property include:

  • Rusty-colored excrement

  • Spots of blood on sheets and bedding

  • Tiny, white bed bug eggs

  • Rows or clusters of tiny bite marks across your skin

  • Shed bed bug skins

If you notice any of these signs in your Aliquippa home or business, it’s important to contact professional pest control right away. Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, which means even a small infestation can become out of control quickly. Contact Witt Pest Management today if bed bugs are causing problems on your property.

Commercial Pest Control In Aliquippa, PA

When pests manage to invade your Aliquippa business building, it won’t take long for customers and employees to take notice. Here at Witt Pest Management, we know that the best solution to pest infestations is to take preventative action before pests arrive. Unfortunately, many Aliquippa business owners only reach out for commercial pest control services after pests have invaded. At Witt Pest Management, we provide comprehensive solutions to just about every pest problem. Each of our commercial treatment plans includes 5 basic steps:

  • Inspect

  • Identify

  • Implement

  • Inform

  • Interact

No matter what business industry you have here in Aliquippa, the pest experts at Witt Pest Management can provide you with everything you need to keep your commercial facility free of pests year-round. Reach out to us today to learn more about what makes our services the most effective pest control in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Guide To Termite Protection In Aliquippa, PA

Avoiding termite damage is not always an easy task. Termites invade silently, cause structural damage, and don’t typically travel beyond their nests. Often, termite infestations are only discovered after extensive damage has occurred. To protect your Aliquippa property from these wood-destroying insects, termite prevention steps are a must. A few tips you can follow to avoid the problems termites cause include:

  • Removing stumps, logs, decaying wood, and woodpiles from your lawn. 

  • Replacing water-damaged wood with dry wood.

  • Keeping your gutters free of organic matter and other debris.

  • Dumping out items that may collect water.

  • Cutting back tall grass, weeds, and other vegetation from your exterior walls, which allows sunlight to dry moisture around your foundation.

  • Reduce wood-to-soil contact. 

Termite prevention tips are a great way to reduce your risk for an infestation, but they will never be as effective as a professional termite control plan. Witt Pest Management offers everything from termite monitoring services to complete termite treatment plans. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection, or to learn more about all of our advanced pest control solutions.