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Aliquippa is a place that many people call home and don’t just enjoy living there, but they actually love living here.  Aliquippa is a great town for both home and business owners to put their roots down in.  Our downtown has tree-lined streets, there is affordable housing and plenty community activities!  Unfortunately our love we have for this town is shared with pests like mice, ants, spiders, and bed bugs.  To combat these pests the residents of Aliquippa rely on the expert services of Witt Pest Management.  Witt has been providing expert pest services to our local communities for over a century, so if pests make their way into your home or business the pest control professionals here at Witt can get rid of them and keep future infestations away!

Aliquippa Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs can infest any home at any time they do not discriminate.  They will just as happily infest a cluttered and dusty home as they will a home that is spotless.  They can be found in a 5 star hotel or a budget motel.  If bed bugs get into your home, don't become embarrassed and delay treatment, call the bed bug control professionals at Witt as soon as possible.

Bed bug treatment will begin with our pros coming to your home and providing an inspection, sometimes using our highly trained and accurate K-9 inspection dogs.  If an infestation is found we can quickly eliminate the bed bugs through the use of heat.  The air in your home is heated to a specific temperature using special mobile heaters and then the heated air is circulated throughout your home penetrating floor, walls, furniture, and personal belongings, effectively killing all stages of bed bugs.  Other services that we offer include Integrated bed bug treatments and content management services.

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Protect Your Aliquippa Home With Professional Pest Control

Protecting your home from common household pests is a difficult task and for the safest and most effective results, it is most assuredly something that should be left to the professionals.  At Witt we understand that each Aliquippa home has different needs and requires different levels of service which is why we offer three levels of care through our TopCare programs.

Our TopCare program protects your home from 40+ common household pests. Your initial service visit includes a detailed inspection and an interior visit.  During each service visit we'll provide you with pest proofing and clean-up services, the treatment of the exterior of your home, and a detailed report of the visit.  Our TopCare® Plus includes all of the above along with 24/7 termite monitoring.  And finally our most inclusive program TopCare® Complete includes everything in the TopCare® Plus program and comprehensive termite control through the use of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.

With our year-round home pest control services you can be sure that common household pests will get out and stay out of your Aliquippa home!

Commercial Pest Control In Aliquippa PA

Preventing pest problems in your Aliquippa business is one of the best things you can do to keep happy customers and help to ensure your business maintains its good reputation within our community. Witt Pest Management can help you to keep your business pest free through our commercial pest control services which include inspection, identification, implementation, information, and interaction.

Our commercial pest control services are completed through our SmartPM® program.  This program stands for Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management.  This program provides our commercial customers with an affordable and comprehensive way to protect their business; and the best part is we provide effective pest control services while only using pesticides when it is absolutely necessary.   Contact us today to find out why the SmartPM® program is the best way to protect your Aliquippa business from pests.

Why Choose Witt For Pest Control In Aliquippa PA

Here at Witt Pest Management, we are proud to say that we have been protecting our neighbor's homes and businesses of the greater Pittsburgh area since 1908.  All of our professionals have the experience, commitment, and training needed to ensure that all of our customer’s residential or commercial pest control needs are taken care of as quickly as possible; no matter how big or small they may be.

In addition to commercial, residential, and bed bug control services we also offer termite control services, flying insect control and food safety and sanitation evaluations and training.  Call us today for more information about any of our quality pest control programs!