Ross Township PA Pest Control Services

Pest Control In Ross Township, PA

Ross Township is a large suburban community. It offers plentiful residential neighborhoods and a strong business community. To protect your Ross Township home or business from the many pests that unfortunately live throughout Allegheny County, turn to the local pest professionals at Witt Pest Management. We have been in the business of pest control since 1908 and are trusted by home and business owners across the Pittsburgh area. We offer commercial pest control services and complete home pest control packages to solve pest problems and keep them from returning. To learn more about guarding your property and family against pests, contact Witt Pest Management today.

Residential Pest Control In Ross Township, PA

Pests that find their way into Ross Township homes bring with them a laundry list of problems. They carry bacteria and disease pathogens on their bodies and legs. They contaminate food and the surfaces of your home with urine, excrement, and saliva; and pests can damage structures within your home, structures such as pipes, wires, drywall, and insulation. Additionally, knowing pests are living in your home can increase your stress level and cause you and your family sleepless nights.

To protect your Ross Township homes from pests, Witt Pest Management offers a selection of home pest control programs. Each of our three programs provides the services needed to solve each homeowner's unique pest control needs. Every program provides coverage against 40 common pests, year-round protection, and our Witt Pest Free Guarantee. To learn which program is the right fit for your home, reach out today.

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Problems Carpenter Ants Cause In Ross Township, PA

Carpenter ants are wood-destroying insects; they are often confused with termites but are a completely different species. Carpenter ants do not feed on the structural wood they have invaded the way termites do but they do carve out tunnels to make nests. Carpenter ants often find their way into homes while foraging for food. Once inside, they usually decide to stay and set up a nesting area that is close to their new-found food source. Carpenter ants can create enough damage to structural wood in a home to damage its structure, but because carpenter ants are often seen wandering in and around homes, an infestation is usually discovered before significant damage is done.

If you are seeing large black ants around the outside of your home or inside your kitchen, pantry, or basement, immediately contact Witt Pest Management. We can provide the ant removal services needed to find all their nesting sites, eliminate the infestation, and prevent their return. To learn more about removing destructive carpenter ants from your home or property, contact Witt Pest Management today.

Commercial Pest Control In Ross Township, PA

Protect your Pittsburgh-area business from pests with commercial pest control services that have been designed by the experienced professionals at Witt Pest Management. Through our SmartPM® program, our professionals will complete a thorough inspection, provide accurate identification of pest(s), and eliminate your facility’s pest problems. Additionally, our professionals will generate a comprehensive report at the end of each visit to ensure you are always on top of what is occurring inside your facility. To learn more about the commercial pest control services that Witt Pest Management offers, speak with one of our experts today.

Steps You Can Take To Avoid Bed Bugs In Ross Township, PA

Below is a list of some helpful tips to avoid having bed bugs take over your Ross Township home.

  • Keep personal belongings up off of the floor of public places.

  • When at school or work, store your personal belongings away from other people's personal items.

  • Avoid purchasing secondhand furniture, mattresses, and box springs for use in your home.

  • When visiting laundry mats, remove clothing from the dryer, immediately place in your own laundry basket and take home to fold.

  • Vacuum your home daily to pick up and remove any potential stray bed bugs.

  • Place protective bed bug covers on all mattresses and box springs to limit hiding spots.

It is also beneficial to schedule routine bed bug inspections for your home from the professionals at Witt Pest Management. If bed bugs are discovered in your home, we can quickly and completely eliminate them. We offer effective bed bug solutions that are tailored to meet your home’s unique needs