Why Females Reserve The Right To Bite And Sting

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Hold the jokes gentlemen, we are delving into a sensitive subject here. What is the reason that only females are given these powers to emit pain and itching? Surely it’s more than the “typical female” response here. Well, to clear up any confusion on what may going through your mind, the Pittsburgh pest control experts at Witt Pest Management would like to share the facts on what’s up with these female insects.

Mosquitoes breed by the masses, and with hundreds of thousands being born each day, there is a good chance that you’ve experienced one their itchy bites. But it is only the females who take a blood-meal from humans and animals and it is not because they prefer blood as a food source, but rather require the protein and iron in blood in order to lay eggs. For both males and females, plant nectar is the real source of food. So you see, it is nothing of females being more aggressive and taking out their anger by piercing your skin and sucking your blood. It is simply a matter of getting nutrients required to lay her eggs.

As for carpenter bees, the queen bee as well as the female workers all have an ovipositor, which is also called the stinger. But for the queen carpenter bees, this ovipositor is used mainly to lay her eggs rather than to sting. The worker females cannot lay eggs but they still have the stinger and when they feel threatened, they will use it. So in the defense of female bees, the reason they have a stinger is all a part of their reproductive design, nothing against the males.

So whether it’s for defense and protection of their nests or for the ability to reproduce, it seems that these female insects are justified in being able to bite and sting. And to make sure the males get some credit too, without the males these female species would not have a reason to bite and sting because they would be unable to reproduce.

All jokes aside, when it comes to mosquitoes, stinging insects, or other pests invading your home or property, it is important to call in the pest control pros. Mosquitoes and carpenter bees are a threat to the health and safety of you, your family, and your home which means they should be eradicated as quickly as possible. If you are seeing any signs of pests, male or female, in or around your Pittsburgh, PA home, please contact us today! Witt Pest Management has been proudly offering eco-friendly pest control to the Greater Pittsburgh area with over 100 years of pest control experience.

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