Are Baldfaced Hornets A Beneficial Pest Or Are They Dangerous?

Hornet sitting on log

That is a great question to ask, and the answer is yes! Yes, they are beneficial; and yes, they can be dangerous. Having said that, the most obvious next question is how on earth could a hornet be beneficial? Well, the biggest benefit that these creatures offer is that they feed on nuisance insects such as flies and yellow jackets. Any time that a natural predator takes care of unwanted insects it is definitely a beneficial thing, but these hornets also pose a danger.

To fully understand the danger that baldfaced hornets pose, you must first understand that these creatures are not truly hornets as their name suggests. They are actually a type of yellow jacket from the genus dolichovespula. As such, these pests have a smooth stinger and are capable of multiple stings. They are also very aggressive and will attack anything that threatens them or comes near to their nests. This is of particular concern if you are one of the thousands of people who react to bee stings, and their bite may require immediate medical attention.

If you are not one that is prone to an allergic reaction to bee stings and the baldfaced hornet has made her football-shaped paper nest away from your home entrances or frequented areas of your yard, you may decide to leave these pests alone to do their job of natural pest control; however, if they have ventured too close to your dwelling or are located in high traffic areas around your yard, you should have them eliminated.

Please remember, these creatures are highly aggressive and the elimination and removal of nests should be done very cautiously and carefully. In fact, the best way to deal with your baldfaced hornet issue is to call on a professional pest control company to do the job for you, and this is where Witt Pest Management comes in. If you live in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in our service area, our highly trained pest specialists can safely and efficiently eliminate baldfaced hornets from your property. Our technicians are educated in safe application procedures and have the latest technology and equipment to make the removal of your baldfaced hornet’s nest stress-free and pain-free for you. If you want to avoid problems with baldfaced hornets and other pests altogether, you can rely on one of our yearly pest control plans. When you choose one of our affordable TopCare programs, you can be sure that common household pests will be kept away from your home – all year long!

If you find yourself face-to-face with baldfaced hornets this spring, give us a call at [phone-number]. We stand ready to defend your home and family from all pests – nuisance and dangerous!

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