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Commercial Food Safety and Sanitation Services

Witt Pest Management offers solutions for the retail food industry designed to protect the health and well-being of your customers, your employees and your brand. Our food safety and sanitation program is called Watch-Gard® and offers you thorough evaluations, equipment care, comprehensive training and detailed cleaning.

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Food Safety Evaluations

The Watch-Gard® Evaluation and Reporting Process:

On a scheduled basis, the certified Watch-Gard sanitation specialist visits each department using visual inspections to thoroughly evaluate all food safety and sanitation conditions. He addresses all factors relative to proper food safety, worker hygiene and worker safety, throughout all areas of your facility. Using the information gathered during the inspection and on-site summary report is printed and reviewed with store personnel and management. Later that day, the information is then uploaded to the internet on a password-protected website where it can then be retrieved by designated corporate personnel. 

The Watch-Gard Specialist is Always Available To Advise On:

  • Specific equipment checks and service provided for the paper, soap and sanitizer programs
  • Specific equipment checks and service provided for the Watch-Gard auto-mixing and manual product dispensing systems
  • Proper restroom and sanitation guidelines
  • Watch-Gard on-going, on-site training
  • Inventory control
  • Safety awareness
  • Procedures for emergency service

Equipment Care

Maintenance and Repair:

During each visit, a Watch-Gard specialist will provide detailed preventative maintenance on all chemical dispensing and related equipment in each department. A Watch-Gard specialist carries the proper tools and replacement parts to perform any necessary repairs, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation. Our specialists report on all maintenance activities performed on each piece of equipment along with verifying proper product dilution rations and sanitizing levels.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Food Service Products
  • Food Service Degreasers
  • Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaners
  • Environmentally Responsible Maintenance Solutions
  • Hand Care
  • Restroom
  • Ware Washing
  • Floor Care Products
  • And More!

Comprehensive Training:

Food Safety and Sanitation Training and Support:

We work with store personnel as a partner to make sanitation a routine part of their daily work activities. From products and procedures to vital safety and regulatory issues, our specialists have the experience and knowledge to provide the ongoing support and training necessary to sustain a consistent and uniform program. As part of each service, we also make sure program wall charts, labels and instructional materials are in their proper places in each department.

Watch-Gard Training Includes:

  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing methods including frequencies and procedures
  • Proper use of each product
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cross-contamination
  • Hands-on dispenser usage and training
  • Safety issues, including SDS and OSHA Haz-Com training

Detail Cleaning:

Deep Cleaning For Food Safety and Sanitation:

There’s cleaning and then there’s detail cleaning. You may wash and vacuum out your car on some frequency, but there’s nothing that compares to getting your car detailed. The same should go for your facility and you can now get Detailed Commercial Cleaning and other services from Watch-Gard.

Watch-Gard from Witt, a leader in food safety and sanitation for the food service industry, now offers a dependable commercial cleaning service that will clean your facility to your specifications, to your exact schedule. We offer the following services:

  • Detailed Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
  • Detailed Grocery Department Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Carpet Care
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Floor Care (regular nightly floor care and specialty services such a stripping, waxing and recoating)

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5 Star Review

I have been using Witt for many years for routine maintenance and for unexpected issues they have always been polite, professional and knowledgeable.

Bertha Sager
Main Office
5 Star Review

Representative was extremely through in her inspection and service. Friendly and very professional

Emmanuel Sideris
Main Office
5 Star Review

Thank you Stan, you earned my loyalty to Witt.

Marshall Hart

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