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Stink bug climbing through grass

Insects are cold-blooded creatures. Unlike warm-blooded creatures, they are not able to regulate their body temperatures by panting or sweating. That means their internal temperatures will be the same as the air around them. If the air gets cold enough, they die. This drives them to hide under the bark of trees, inside logs, deep in the ground, and inside our homes in fall and winter. It is a process called overwintering. What it means for you is that those bugs aren't coming into your home; they're already inside.

Why are they bugging me now?

Stink bugs, like many other insects, are not hibernating creatures. When they overwinter in a home, they will stay active. This activity will increase or decrease depending on the temperature and available food sources. If food sources are not present, stink bugs will enter a state called diapause. This is essentially a short period of suspension, in which they conserve their energy until environmental conditions change. When ideal conditions present themselves, stink bugs will return to full activity. This will bring them into living spaces, especially kitchen areas where food sources are most likely to be.

What food source has drawn these stink bugs out?

If you have ornamental plants around your home, stink bugs may feed on the stems, shoots, and leaves. They are also fond of fruit. A bowl of apples or peaches sitting on a dining room table will be the perfect treat.

What can I do about stink bugs?

These are not a pest that homeowners have success eradicating. Traps and other DIY measures have only a limited amount of effectiveness against stink bugs because stink bugs hide in wall voids, attics, storage areas, and crawl spaces. The best course of action is to hire an educated and experienced pest controller who knows the habits and habitats of these overwintering pests. This will not only solve your immediate problem, it will set up the building blocks to keep stink bugs from invading again next fall.

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