4 Unlikely Places To Look For Mice In Your Pittsburgh Home

mouse standing on sidewalk

With the cold winter air continuing to blow across Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, it is important to be aware of potential winter pests like mice for example. Just as we don’t want to spend time out in the cold, neither do these tiny rodents. And they make a pretty good attempt at finding any location in the home, basement, garage or shed to stay warm.

Mice may be good at staying hidden (aside from the sound of them running through the walls at night) but there is a good chance that where there is heat or food, mice could be! There are in fact many strange and less commonly known areas where mice are taking refuge from the Pittsburgh winter weather. Here to shed some light on winter mouse concerns is the Pittsburgh pest control team at Witt Pest Management sharing 4 places where you may not realize that mice could be nesting.

  1. The drip pan under the refrigerator. In order to keep the inside cold, the outside of the fridge can be quite toasty and thus a great place for mice to nest which just so happens to be near some major food sources (aka the kitchen cupboards). 
  2. The engine of a car, truck or other equipment. Engines are well hidden and can stay warm for a while after being used which makes them attractive to mice. Even snowmobilers have reported finding mice nests in the engine of their snowmobile this winter. 
  3. In the water cooler, especially the ones that offer hot water. Again, it requires heat energy to keep the water cold and certainly to keep it hot. Since it only takes a hole the size of a dime for a small mouse to squeeze inside, you may want to watch where you’re getting your water.
  4. Inside or near the computer in your home office. Again this offers the heat they want and if it’s inside of your home they will surely be foraging at night for food and water sources.

If you are concerned that your home has been hosting mice this winter and you live in or near our service area then please be sure to contact the Pittsburgh pest control pros at Witt Pest Management. We provide rodent control services to not only get rid of mice (wherever they may be) but also to prevent future infestations. We are ready to protect your home and the people you love from the threats that accompany mice including damages to the structure of the home and belongings, contamination from mouse droppings and urine, and illness spread by these pests. So if you think you have mice, or just want to be sure you don’t, give us a shout today!

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