Are Bed Bugs Active During The Winter Months?

bed bug on a tan surface

This is a good question. When temperatures drop, many of the bugs that bite or sting us--like mosquitoes--go into a sort of hibernation mode. So, it makes sense to ask whether or not bed bugs do the same. But the way bugs hibernate isn't the same as the way many animals hibernate. Bugs go into a low-energy state called diapause. And, just like it sounds, in this state, bugs pause their development. But there is no biological timer for when they will wake up and become active again. All that is required to wake them up is warmer temperatures.

Biting pests such as mosquitoes, gnats, black flies, and other outside pests, go away during the winter because they are directly affected by the cold temperatures outside. Bed bugs live almost exclusively inside where temperatures are warmer. If the temperatures in a home feel like spring or summer, bed bugs will have no problem being active.

Not only are bed bugs active during the winter months, they spread during the winter months. If you just went somewhere for the holidays, it is possible that you brought bed bugs home with you. Bed bugs spread more when we travel more. And, if you have college-age children, it is possible they could have brought them home during the holidays.

There are many ways bed bugs can spread from one location to another, and none of them are affected by the temperature outside. Bed bugs climb into the belongings we carry around, or they lay their eggs in them, and then we carry these items from a location of infestation to a new location--usually by way of a heated automobile. And, even if we leave our belongings outside in the cold during our travels, it can take quite a bit to kill a bed bug with cold. Partly because they are more tolerant to cold than they are to heat, but also because they hide inside items, where they are protected from the wind and cold air.

If you suspect you've picked up bed bugs, and an infestation has taken root in your Pittsburgh home, don't wait until spring to call a professional because those bugs aren't going to wait till spring to bite you. Reach out to Witt Pest Management for comprehensive bed bug treatments in Pittsburgh and get rid of those pests today.


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