Are Fruit Flies Taking Over Your Pittsburgh Kitchen?

close up fruit fly on a leaf

If you have recently noticed that your kitchen is swarming with tiny flies, they are likely fruit flies. These tiny flies are most active during the summer and the fall in Pittsburgh and are on a mission to find produce including fruits and vegetables. And while they seem so tiny and just a nuisance pest, fruit flies can actually spread bacteria and contaminate food. Not to mention a female can lay 500 eggs at a time which quickly creates an infestation in your home.

What Do Fruit Flies Look Like?

When you notice small, flying bugs in your kitchen, you might be wondering what kind of bugs they are. While fruit flies can seem similar to gnats, there are some ways to tell them apart. 

 Characteristics of fruit flies:

  • Oval-shaped
  • Range from tan to dark brown color
  • Bright red eyes
  • Small - Fruit flies are much tinier than a common housefly.
  • In the kitchen? Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of rotting fruits and vegetables, mainly found in kitchens. They are attracted to the smell of other sweet foods and drinks such as sodas and sports drinks.

Fruit Fly Prevention Tips

  • Throw away fruits and vegetables when they begin to rot as produce in this condition is most attractive to fruit flies.
  • Empty garbage cans and scrub them out to disinfect and remove any residue of decaying produce.
  • Stay on top of the dishes especially cups or plates that had beer, wine, or produce.
  • Replace the sponge and dishcloth regularly.
  • Clean out the drain and garbage disposal with a mixture of 1/8 ammonia to one gallon of the tap water and let it sit in the sink before you rinse it down.  

Easy DIY Fruit Fly Traps

If your kitchen is already infested with fruit flies then you need to get rid of them quickly and efficiently. The good news is that there are many ways to successfully trap and kill the fruit flies invading your kitchen.

  • Fill a glass jar halfway with apple cider, punch holes in the lid and then let it sit out. It will attract the fruit flies and then trap them inside.
  • Fill a bowl with vinegar and detergent, which will attract and then kill the fruit flies that feed on it.
  • Fill a bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray the fruit flies.  This should instantly kill them.

If you have tried to get rid of fruit flies and are not having much success then it is time to call in the Pittsburgh pest control pros at Witt Pest Management. We offer an effective pest control program for your home that will treat fruit flies as well as many other household pests throughout the entire year. To learn more about fruit flies and our pest control services in Pittsburgh, simply contact us today!

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