Are You Finding Mice Outside?

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This can be a startling discovery. You move a trash can and a mouse or two scurry away along your foundation wall. You open a box, move a toy or shift something that is sitting next to your exterior walls, and you see mice. There are hundreds of ways you might come across mice outside your home. You might even see the signs of mice, but not the mice themselves. Many homeowners find droppings on electrical boxes or next to their foundation walls. These are popular places for mice to hang out. But does finding mice outside, or signs of mouse activity, mean you have mice inside your home? That is the real question. We'll help you figure that out.

Outside Inspection

If you're finding signs of mice activity, or the mice themselves, that isn't proof that they are getting into your home. Here are a few ways you can use an outside inspection to uncover an inside infestation.

  • Inspect around outlets, wiring, and pipes. If you have any holes that are larger than a quarter, mice could be getting in.
  • Inspect door sweeps, especially at the corners. Mice scurry along walls. The first place they're going to chew in through is a vulnerable door sweep. The lower corners of your garage doors are the most popular, so look closely in these places.
  • Mice will chew through wood in damp, dark places. It is a good idea to take a flashlight and go into places you don't normally see, like under your deck, in a crawl space, or behind bushes.

Interior Inspection

If mice are getting into your home, a quick inspection could turn up the evidence you need. Here are the places to check.

  • Mice love the backs of drawers and cabinets. Look in these places for droppings or urine stains. You will usually find urine and feces near corners and behind things. Check behind furniture, the refrigerator, and other large items.
  • Mice love the pantry. Look at the walls in these areas to see if you have any holes, especially in lower places. Droppings may also be found here.
  • Mice love your attic. Take a flashlight and look in the corners of your attic for anything that looks like a nest.
  • Mice love your walls. If you hear bumping and thumping at night, those mice are probably getting in.

You can sometimes find mouse footprints or scuff marks in areas that have a layer of dust, flour, or sugar. Locate these and take a look.

If you find mice inside your home, it is important to take preventative measures. You should always keep your trash cans sealed, your pet food in storage between meals, and always put pantry foods that come in paper and cardboard in hard plastic containers. These small measures will deter mice from wanting to stay. To keep them out, you'll need to have your exterior walls sealed and monitored by a professional. We can help you with that. At Witt, we've been solving mice problems since before the invention of the television. That's a long time to learn how to get it right. When it comes to mice, Witt has the knowledge and experience you need to protect your home. If you have seen mice around your property or just want to take preventative measures, contact Witt Pest Management today!

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