Carpenter Bee Prevention

carpenter bee on an orange flower

We talked last time about what to do if you discover carpenter bees going in and out of a drilled hole in your eaves, deck, or patio. But what if you haven't gotten carpenter bees yet? Are there ways to prevent carpenter bees from targeting your home in the first place? There sure are.

The secret to guarding your property against carpenter bees is prevention. Once bees get into the wood, it is time to call a pest control company to safely apply pesticides and plug your holes. But here are some things you can do to ward off these wood-chewing pests.

  • Carpenter bees prefer unfinished wood. They will target eaves, soffits, fences, overhangs, patios and under decks. Varnish or paint the wood of your home to resist carpenter bees. This won't guarantee that carpenter bees won't bore into your wood, but a fresh coat of paint or varnish is definitely less attractive to them than bare wood. If you already have carpenter bee holes from last season, it is important to plug these in early spring before new queens get in and make those tunnels worse.
  • Carpenter bees will exploit gaps and cracks in your exterior walls. Use a caulking gun to fill these in. Be sure to watch for any bee activity before doing this. You do not want to trap queen carpenter bees inside.
  • Protect the rough ends of deck boards with wire screening or metal flashing.

Protecting the wood of your home in early spring is vital to the successful management of these wood-boring insects. Professional pest companies send specialized technicians who know how to recognize the signs of a carpenter bee infestation and seal holes safely before new bees come to take advantage of old tunnels. Companies like Witt Pest Management that focus on smart eco-friendly pest solutions know how to control carpenter bees with little or no use of pesticides. And, when these products are needed, they know how to apply them safely to tunnels to prevent bees from returning while keeping your family and pets safe from harm.

Paint and varnish in early spring, fill holes and gaps and protect exposed rough areas of wood, and you may keep these homewreckers at bay. But when carpenter bees target your property and boreholes in the wood of your home, make sure to get a professional involved. This is not a pest to take lightly.

For relief from carpenter bees and other spring pests in Pittsburgh, you can count on Witt Pest Management. Call or click today for more information.

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