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Common PA Spider Tips

zebra spider on white surface

This summer, you may have been playing host to spiders while they searched for insect prey inside your home. This fall, you may have spiders because they are searching for shelter from the colder weather. Either way, spiders want in! Here are some tips from the Pittsburgh exterminators at Witt Pest Management on keeping common PA spiders outside of your home this fall.

  • House spiders in PA will try to get in through holes in window and door screens as well as any gaps around windows and doors or cracks in your foundation. Replace torn screens and caulk up any gaps to eliminate entry areas for insects as well as the spiders that feed on them.
  • Install yellow lights or sodium vapor lighting in exterior light fixtures. These kinds of lights attract fewer insects, which in turn will attract fewer spiders to your home.
  • If you store wood outside your home, keep the woodpile located a safe distance from the home. Spiders like to hide in woodpiles and if you store the pile right up against your home, you’re inviting insects and spiders indoors.
  • Cut back tree branches and shrubs that may be touching the exterior of your home. These kinds of vegetation can act as a ‘bridge’ to your home for invading insects and spiders.

Whether you have seen basement spiders, house spiders, wolf spiders, jumping spiders or just some unidentifiable brown spiders in PA, these spider prevention tips should help reduce spider infestations inside your home. Unfortunately, these tips aren’t foolproof, as most things in life. If these prevention tips aren’t enough for you, you can always call in the big guys! The PA pest control professionals at Witt can inspect your home and determine what spider control treatments would be best for your property. Through an inspection and treatment, you can get spider populations inside your home under control.

If you are looking for even more pest control for your home, choose our year-round pest control program to prevent pests throughout every season. This program is called TopCare® and it is ongoing protection against all household pests for your Pennsylvania home. This program includes thorough inspections of both the interior and exterior of your home along with targeted treatments to resolve current pest activity inside your home. We will seal any gaps or openings in the home’s exterior as well as remove dead insects and cobwebs (as well as spider eggs sacs) that we see. We will then treat all accessible areas of the exterior of your home to eliminate any further pest activity. After this initial inspection and treatment, we will return in the spring, summer, and fall to help prevent pests from being a problem for you the rest of the year.

For more information on the spider control services provided by Witt, or for more detailed information on our TopCare® service program, please give us a call today! As Pittsburgh’s oldest and most advanced pest control company, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to take care of all your pest problems; contact us today!