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Do You Know Where That Mouse Nest Is?

mouse on a white background

The brutal, extended winter season has not only become quite tiresome but has also left many anxiously awaiting spring activities. This includes a vigorous spring cleaning to freshen the house and make it free of pests. One of those winter pests to eradicate is the common house mouse. The long winter season has driven the mice inside and they have taken their liberty to build nests to raise and protect their young.

The most obvious signs of mice are finding mouse droppings as you dive into your spring cleaning. The presence of mouse droppings under the sink, behind the stove, in the pantry and cabinets are sure signs that mice have inhabited your home throughout the winter season. Calling for Pittsburgh rodent control is necessary due to the health hazards that accompany the presence of mice.

There are three things a mouse looks for when she begins building her mouse nest in which to raise her babies; a place close to food, near a water supply and in a warm location. This could include many places in the kitchen. Be sure to look for a nest under the stove and behind the refrigerator. Other areas could be in the back of kitchen drawers and in the food pantry. That soft sofa and chair in the next room is another area that mice are prone to get inside and build their nest. One more area to look closely for signs of mice nests is in boxes in the attic and closets or other cluttered areas that make good hiding places.

For more than 100 years Witt Pest Management has been protecting the health and property of homeowners and businesses throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. This gives Witt the prestigious honor of being the oldest and most advanced Pittsburgh pest control company.

In addition to finding that mouse nest inside your house, Witt Pest Management will also inspect the exterior of your home and look for rodent burrows and points of entry. A mouse can squeeze through spaces as small as the diameter of a nickel and any of those access points must be sealed to keep the mice out. At Witt, our pest control professionals will use a variety of methods to eradicate mice from your home including surveillance and baiting programs. Contact the Pittsburgh exterminators at Witt today to learn more about our residential and commercial rodent control.