Everything You Need To Know About Baldfaced Hornets

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They are a lot like other hornets, but baldfaced hornets are distinctive because of the white pattern on their faces. They have a triangular shape from the side with bulbous parts, six legs, wings, and antennae. They can range in size from 5/8 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch long.

You may have already seen the baldfaced hornet’s nest that is gray and made of paper-like materials. These nests have many compartments and are found hanging close to the ground or high up in trees, under overhangs, or even atop utility poles. The nests can be up to 24 inches in length and are abandoned each year.

Baldfaced hornets are social insects that live in colonies. They have a queen that lays fertilized eggs and workers that care for the nest and help to feed the colony. The queen will overwinter, but the rest of the colony will die in the fall. When spring arrives, the queen builds a new nest, laying just 1 egg in each compartment. She will feed the larvae the protein from flower nectar and other insects. It will take about a month for the first workers to become active, and the queen will continually lay eggs. In the end, there can be as many as 400 workers in the colony. Only the newly hatched queens survive through the next winter, all others will die.

Even though these hornets can eat other insect pests and in a way prove to be beneficial, they do pose a potential danger. They are on guard to protect their nest and colony at all times. If someone comes within a couple feet of the nest, they can attack. Baldfaced hornets have a smooth stinger that does not stay inside its victim, which makes it possible for them to sting repeatedly.

It may be tempting to purchase a do-it-yourself product to get rid of a nest on your own. However, many things can go wrong that could pose a potential danger to humans and pets that are in the area. Chemicals are dangerous if not used properly, and you could cause the colony to become agitated and to viciously and repeatedly attack. Not only that, you may not get rid of them all, and they will just rebuild or begin again in another location nearby.

Your best choice when facing a baldfaced hornet’s nest is to contact a pest management specialist that can assure that the entire colony is removed – eggs, emerging pupae, and nest. A highly skilled professional can inspect your home, evaluate the problem, and create a solution that is just right for you. Plus they have the experience and the safety gear to ensure that the eradication goes off without a hitch. The experts here at Witt Pest Management will take control of your baldfaced hornet infestation with effective treatments that are eco-friendly. Give us a call today.

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