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Have you avoided having friends come over for dinner at your house, or purposely had a birthday party somewhere else, to avoid guests having an encounter with roaches? We get it. It can feel embarrassing to have German cockroaches. But it shouldn't.

Here are a few reasons why.

  • German cockroaches are the most established and distributed pest in the world. The fact that they found their way into your home does not reflect on you in any way. They are really good at what they do. Not to mention the fact that they can climb walls and walk across ceilings. Good luck keeping these bugs out.
  • If you're worried that people will think your home was attractive to these disgusting insects, you should know that their home is just as attractive. All these insects need is food. And, as you're probably aware, every home has food. It wasn't a pile of dirty socks that lured these bugs in.
  • If you're worried that people will think you don't do maintenance on your home, and that these roaches got in through some hole you should have fixed months ago, you should know that the larvae of German cockroaches can fit through the holes of an outlet. You're not going to have much success keeping the roaches out without an effective pest control plan.
  • If you're worried that people will think you haven't really tried to get rid of them, just tell them that those roaches can survive a global nuclear war. There is little chance your roach motels and insecticides are going to exterminate them.
  • The biggest reason German cockroaches are so embarrassing is just that they're gross. Really really gross. And, there isn't anything you can do about that. Well, actually, there is one thing. Get ongoing pest service from Witt Pest Management.

At Witt, we do more than spray and pray. Our team of professionals has earned the QualityPro mark of excellence, and they have the education to implement a program of monitoring and treatment to fully exclude these resourceful and resilient pests from your home.

Don't be embarrassed by German cockroaches anymore. Get connected with us today and start living roach-free. Then, you'll never have to avoid having friends come over to your house. Throw all the parties and special events you like--without worrying about a single roach crashing the party. When you have Witt Pest Management on your team, you can leave those bugs to us.

Ready to start living a roach-free life? 

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