How Does Seasonal Weather Change Affect Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs are a horrible bug to have wonder into your Pittsburgh home. When these blood-eating insects take up residence in a home, they bring misery with them. But do you have to worry now that we are heading back toward the cold temperatures of winter? It is a fair question to ask.As you've probably guessed, bed bugs don't live in the wild; they live almost exclusively with humans. We provide their primary food source, and our dwellings provide their ideal habitat. There is no reason for these bugs to ever want to go outside--well, except when we try to kill them. And even then they don't prefer it. So, bed bugs don't have to deal with outside weather like other insects do.

Bed bugs don't worry if temperatures drop below freezing outside. While these bugs will freeze to death when the temperatures get below 0°F, they are safe as a bug in a rug...or a bed. This is why bed bugs have been found in all 50 states, including Alaska.
Bed bugs don't worry if there have been sustained rains or that the ground is oversaturated. When the water table rises, they don't have to flee their home. This is assuming the flood waters haven't risen high enough to drive the human occupants from the home they are infesting.

When fall and winter have passed and we return to spring, bed bugs will be none the wiser. And, when the hot temperatures of the summer come, they won't be affected if your home has central air conditioning.

There is, however, one circumstance where seasonal weather can have an effect on bed bugs. You may have heard that heat kills bed bugs, but that is a sustained heat of above 120°F. When summer heat warms a house to something that makes you want to plug in a fan, this is the ideal temperature and humidity for bed bugs to mate.

No matter what season it is, if your home is warm enough, bed bugs will mate quickly. That is why it is important to get help quickly if you suspect you have an infestation. If you live in our Pennsylvania service area, let the QualityPro-certified team here at Witt Pest Management help.

Every season is bed bugs season. Seek out bed bug solutions in Pittsburgh from the professionals at Witt Pest Management, you will be glad you did.

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