Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs


Bed bugs have been around since the dawn of time. Scientists believe they were once cave dwellers, feeding on the blood of bats, but learned to thrive on the ever-growing population of humans on the earth. 

Bed bugs don't just plague the poor. It is believed by many that only poor and dirty people get bed bugs. This could not be further from the truth. These bugs can be found in the wealthiest of homes and in the most prestigious hotels. Though keeping things clean can slow the spread of these bugs, it does nothing to eradicate them.

Bed bugs are only found in motels. Sadly, this isn't even close to true. They can be found in hotels, motels, cruise ships, forest cabins, taxis, buses, trains, planes, movie theaters, and residential homes. These bugs can live any place people sleep or sit.

Bed bugs can feed on you while you are awake. The anticoagulant that bed bugs administer into their bite holes allows them to feed on humans almost completely undetected. At night they will feed on a host several times without waking them, even on the face. These bugs can also infest movie theaters, feeding on victims while they are engrossed in their movie.

Bed bugs are clever. Their survival instinct causes them to hide in the day when their detection could be dangerous to their nest. These bugs will hide in baseboards, picture frames, wall outlets, behind wallpaper, carpets, upholstery, laptop computers and other strange places. But when night comes, they sense the increase in carbon dioxide put off by sleeping humans, and come out to feed.

Bed bugs are resilient. How long can you go without a meal? Bed bugs can live up to 12 months without eating. They are also able to survive temperatures from 32 to 120 degrees fahrenheit. Because of this, this is a very hard bugs to eradicate.

Bed bugs breed fast. If you think rabbits are fast, you haven't looked at bed bug breeding statistics. These little bugs can have as many as 4,000 babies in a six month period, and grow to mating age in under a month.

This is not a bug you can get rid of on your own. It requires a professional bed bug exterminator to find these bugs in all the many places they hide, and experience in using the right methods to eradicate them. If you discover bed bugs, get immediate assistance to stop these bugs before they can grow their populations. They're not so interesting when they're biting you fifty times a night.

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