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Every winter, it is going to get colder, every summer, it is going to get warmer, and every spring, paper wasps are going to start building their nests. But just because something happens every year, it doesn't mean you have to put up with it. When it gets cold, you put on some winter clothes and turn the thermostat up in your home. When it gets hot, you strip down to a bathing suit and go for a nice, refreshing swim. Right? Why put up with those paper wasps building nests on your property? Here are two important ways you can keep those "inevitable" wasps at bay.

Simple Wasp Control

In the beginning of spring, wasps will begin to create their nests under overhangs, eaves, arches, and other shaded locations. Some of these spots are easy to get to. If you see a "half umbrella" nest forming, take a broom and sweep that nest away. That will discourage those wasps from establishing a nest in those areas.

If wasps start to make a nest in a high location, a strong spray of water can dislodge the nest from its spot. Early detection and simple nest removal can save you from unwanted stings later in the season and throughout the summer.

Not So Simple Wasp Control

Once a nest gets beyond the tiny "half umbrella" stage, it can have several wasps inside. It is no longer a good idea to sweep these away with a broom or spray them with a strong stream of water. Here are a few other dangers related to nest removal.

  • Some folks open a window to get to a nest and sweep it away. This can cause the population of that nest to swarm into the home.
  • Sometimes a ladder is used to get close to a nest, but this can lead to a fall.
  • Sometimes chemicals are sprayed up at an overhanging nest and the chemical drip down onto the person spraying the chemicals.
  • Sometimes chemicals get on the hands of the applier and the agent is introduced into the system through pores and by contact between the hands and the eyes.
  • Sometimes a swarm of paper wasps will develop and attack the person treating a nest with chemicals.
  • When nests are in a closed space and the person applying the pest control does not wear appropriate protective gear, or provide a quick means of escape, it leads to multiple stings.

There are many ways to do wasp control wrong. We'd like you to consider doing wasp control right, by calling a professional pest control company.

If you're in our service area, let Witt Pest Management safely and effectively take care of those nests. When you have the professionals deal with wasp nests, you won't have to worry about something going wrong. And you won't have to wonder if all of the nests are gone. It is as simple as that.

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