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Hive populations have finally hit their peak in the fall (all the juvenile stinging insects have fully grown) and there are more mouths to feed than ever before. You may see more yellow jackets and other stinging insects around your home than earlier in the summer and if they are darting around your backyard picnic or harassing you while you come and leave your home, you have a problem. What can be done to protect your family from these pests? Here are some useful tips from the home pest control pros at Witt Pest Management.

To avoid coming into contact with these yellow jackets and other stinging insects, follow these tips:

  • Always wear shoes when working or spending time outdoors. The yellow jacket is known for building nests in the ground and accidentally stepping on a yellow jacket nest could leave you covered in painful stings.
  • Avoid wearing floral scented perfumes or lotions while spending time outdoors. When you smell like a flower, a hungry stinging insect may land on you, looking for nectar.
  • Keep the brightly colored clothes in the closet; bright colors attract yellow jackets to your body the same way brightly colored flowers attract these insects.
  • Periodically check your property for nests and hives. Look under eaves, around soffits, under decking and even inside crawl spaces if you have access. By locating a nest before it gets too large, you can have it removed immediately, reducing the populations of stinging insects that may frequent your property.
  • Don’t make sharp or erratic movements if you have a yellow jacket hovering around you. This can cause the insect to become aggressive, increasing the chance you will be stung.

If you notice stinging insects darting around your home’s perimeter, consider that a nest could be inside a wall void. If this is the case, you will need assistance from a pest control professional to help you identify the pest that has entered your home. Our pest control professionals can safely remove the nest and help prevent this problem from happening in the future.

If you have seen stinging insects on your property and you are able to locate a nest, you should call the professionals at Witt Pest Management to eliminate the problem. It is never safe to remove a stinging insect nest on your own because you could excite the entire hive, which could result in painful stings and possibly dangerous falls (especially if you are climbing a ladder to reach the nest). The professionals at Witt have the tools and the knowledge to safely eliminate these pests from your property; contact us today for more information on our stinging insect control services as well as other pest services we can provide.

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