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What is a habitat? The dictionary defines it as a preferred surroundings. But more specifically, it is an environment that provides ideal temperatures, food sources, and water. If a creature moves into an area and does not find it appropriate for life, it will continue its search. Understanding the habitat of accidental pests, like the spider, is essential to excluding these creatures naturally. 

House Spiders

Common house spiders have dwelt in man-made structures for so long, they are not suited to be outside. In fact, kind-hearted people who trap and release house spiders often send these spiders to their deaths. A house spider that has never lived a day outside of your home isn't likely to live long in the wild. The wild does not provide the temperature and easy food sources these spiders need to survive. House spiders have grown accustomed to living the easy life that dwelling with humans provides. Which is why they prefer to live in our homes by the dozens, and sometimes hundreds. The good news is that house spiders are not harmful, and they are actually beneficial to have in your walls (if you don't have an ongoing pest control plan) because these creatures prey on other creatures that CAN harm you, like disease-spreading mosquitoes, fleas, flies, and cockroaches.

Non-House Spiders

Spiders that live in the wild sometimes come into a home in search of food sources. These spiders don't prefer the habitat of your home, but may adapt to it if they find what they are looking for: an abundance of insects and a water source. You'll most often find these spiders in attic spaces, closets, storage areas, and other secluded places.

Adjusting Your Habitat

No matter what kind of spiders you have living in your home, you can potentially send them packing if you make your habitat unbearable for them. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Keep things clean, and keep all trash sealed and secure. When you do this, you will reduce flies and other pests that are looking for a meal. Fewer bugs in your home means fewer food sources for spiders.
  • If you have weeping pipes, leaks or moisture, you'll give those spiders a water source. Spiders can even live off of the moisture in your bathroom after you take a shower. Installing a fan or dehumidifier in rooms that get moist can help to resist spiders.

While spiders can help eat other pests in your home, they are not nearly as efficient at getting rid of pests as a pest control plan. Plus, you have spiders crawling all around your home. If you'd like a home that is free of all pests, consider making 2016 the year that you get year-round pest service from a professional. Life is better without bugs. All bugs. Give it a try by contacting the pest control professionals here at Witt Pest Management.  Witt = No More bugs!

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