Things You Should Not Do When You Find A Hornets Nest

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There are not a lot of homeowners that can truthfully say that they enjoy having hornets flying around their property. These pests can be highly annoying and can actually be very harmful in certain circumstances. If you have ever had to deal with these stinging insects, you know that it can be relieving when you find the nesting spot they are attacking from. Your first reaction may be to try to knock the nest down on your own, but we suggest that you refrain from doing so. 

Hornets build paper thin gray nests that hang near the ground or way up high. Each year they will build an entirely new nest. They are social insects that work together for the good of the colony. The queen is the only one that overwinters, and in the spring she will create the new nest making one cell for each egg she lays. It is her duty to take care of the larvae until the first workers emerge to take over the duty of caretaker. Eventually, the colony will grow up to 400 workers. Nests located near your home or very close to the ground are very dangerous as they may accidentally be disturbed and cause these hornets to become angry and aggressive. 

If in fact, you discover where the hornets are coming from, you should not allow children or people with known allergies anywhere near the nest, and perhaps they should be sent indoors. Most importantly, you should never try to take it down on your own, the risk of getting stung is very high. Chemicals can be messy and dangerous, and burning it could cause something else nearby to catch fire. None of these side effects of taking care of it yourself are very appealing. Enlist the help of an experienced pest management company to help you with your hornet problems.

The professionals at Witt Pest management are experienced in removing many types of pests from your Pittsburgh home, including baldfaced hornets. We understand completely how frustrating a hornet nest on your property can be and want to make sure to remove it with the greatest amount of care possible. When you call Witt Pest Management, we will send over a highly trained pest control professional to inspect your property, and alleviate the hornet problem. To protect your home and family from hornets and other common pests, ask about one of our year-round pest control plans. Whether you choose our TopCare, TopCare Plus or our TopCare Complete program, you can rest easy this spring knowing that pest problems will be a thing of the past. Get the best pest control in PA so you can enjoy the spring weather, instead of being trapped inside because of pest problems. 

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