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Alarmed by the large amounts of this tick like bug, people are calling all over for help. After further examination, it turns out this tick like bug is not even related to ticks. They are from the beetle family and are called a billbug. These little billbugs are not harmful to humans. They do not carry any diseases. Billbugs are vegetarians and are only a threat to your lawn this time of year.

So you might be wondering why all of a sudden is there so many billbugs around. This is their mating season. This process only lasts around two weeks. In Pittsburgh they are nearly done with their mating season and once they are done, the swarms will die down and things will go back to normal. These little billbugs are only a nuisance and not a health risk to humans. Once mating season is over the billbugs will return to being hard to find.

The first clue that these billbugs are not ticks is that they travel in swarms. Ticks are normally only found one at a time and do not swarm. Ticks are also more dangerous to humans and pets. Though not all ticks carry diseases, they can be carriers of Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses. They are typically found in tall grass and dense wooded areas where they wait for a blood meal to pass by.

If you have been bitten by a tick it is important to remove the entire tick from your skin. When you have removed a tick, if any of the head or mouth parts remain you may want to have them removed by a doctor. You will want to clean the bite area well. Using a disinfectant is essential to not getting an infection. Keep an eye on the bitten area to make sure it does not get any worse. If the bite gets worse consult a doctor for further treatment.

The Pittsburgh tick-like infestation is nothing to worry about. These billbugs are not ticks. They do not bite humans or pets. They are vegetarians who enjoy grass. Rest assured that those swarming beetles are just here for a short while and will soon be back to hiding.

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