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There is a lot to running a restaurant. It isn't just about cooking the food to perfection. It isn't just about giving impeccable service. A restaurant owner needs to know how to run the books, keep in compliance with government regulations, supervise employees, follow up with customers, and on, and on, and on. But we're not telling you anything you don't already know. If you own a restaurant, you know all about wearing 20 different hats. But, there is one hat that is best left to a third party. Pest control is a science that requires a significant education, rigorous training, and proper certifications. 


This is one pest that no restaurant can live with. Cockroaches are versatile insects that can get into unexpected places and spread harmful bacteria and human pathogens. The only solution that works to stop these insects requires the application of EPA-approved insecticides according to strict governmental safety guidelines. A professional pest control technician will make sure everything is done right and within code.


Mice and rats love restaurants. And, with their sharp teeth, they can chew right into food storage areas and gnaw their way into boxes and packaging. Fixing a rodent problem isn't as simple as laying traps down. These dirty pests, which spread many illnesses and parasites, must be fully excluded. This requires an ongoing program of capturing, monitoring, and exclusion, performed by a trained and experienced professional.


These insects come in many varieties--some worse than others. A professional will install, monitor, and maintain all trapping devices, and ensure that these devices are put in strategic areas to yield the best results.


Whether pests get into a pantry from the outside of a restaurant or are carried in within produce and other food products, ongoing professional pest control is the best solution for proactive and reactive control. A pest plan will work to keep pests from invading in the first place. And, if beetles, weevils, moths, or some other food-infesting insect appears in food, it is a delicate process to remove them.


This may seem like a strange pest to have on our list, but if you have an outdoor eating area, this is an important insect to treat for. As concern for mosquito-borne viruses such as Zika and West Nile grow, putting up a sign that says: "This area has been treated for mosquitoes," will go a long way toward making your customers feel secure. More than this, they will know that you care.

If you need assistance developing a pest control plan for your restaurant, reach out to us. Witt Pest Management is an industry leader in commercial pest control. We would love the opportunity to serve your business in this way.

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