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Rattus norvegicus, which is known by many names, including the Norwegian rat, is not limited to living only in Norway. Nor did it originate in Norway. While there is some speculation about the origin of the Norway rat which, by the way, they don't call the Norway rat in Norway, there is one thing everyone agrees on. This is not a creature anyone needs on, or inside, their property. If you're seeing this rat, here are a few things you can do to avoid them.

Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus), or the brown rat, is a common invader of human structures. In fact, this creature prefers to live with or near humans. Most often they live in burrows underneath clutter and travel into man-made structures to get food but they can also live entirely inside.

The primary motivation of the Norway rat is to find food and establish a home as close to that food source as they can. Knowing this can help you avoid having Norway rats getting into your home or coming onto your property.

Norway Rat Exclusion

  • Remove or seal food sources that may draw Norway rats onto your property. These rats eat a wide variety of things, some of which you would not find very appetizing. It is important to keep trash in sealed containers and be sure to protect any fruits or vegetables on your property with fencing.
  • Remove clutter that gives Norway rats a safe place to hide, explore, and find shelter underneath. If your yard is well kept and clutter free, you will resist these rats.
  • Do a close inspection of your exterior walls and seal any holes you find. Norway rats are happy to make small holes bigger.
  • Bolster your defenses. If you have areas that Norway rats might exploit with their strong, sharp teeth, it is important to cover these spots with something they can't chew through.
  • Have a professional pest control company apply modern Integrated Pest Management methods to remove all rats from your property, and prevent future issues.

If you live in Pittsburgh or our Pennsylvania service area, Witt Pest Management can take care of your rat problem. Our year-round pest control program provides you with a combination of surveillance, baiting, trapping, and exclusions to make sure your property is safe and secure.

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