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We know that if left untreated they will cause the porch to sag, the deck to dip, the house to warp and eventually force the government to put up a sign that says, "Condemned." But there are two things you may not know about these destructive pests. And knowing could make your home a safer place to be.

Carpenter ants don't eat wood. Not even a little bit.

When these insects invade your home, they're looking for sweets and protein. They'll find it in a piece of fruit left out on the counter, crumbs littered around the toaster, food particles sprinkled in the rug, pet food left in a dish...

So, why do they damage the wood in homes? This insect chews large galleries in wood to make pathways to get to food resources and to house their nests. The larger the colony gets, the more damage they do to a home. They can also do more damage when they split into multiple colonies, which happens often when homeowners try to eradicate this pest on their own.

Okay. So, carpenter ants don't eat wood, they burrow into it. How does this affect my life? Knowing this tidbit of information can help you in a few ways.

  • Knowing that they come for food can help you deter this pest by not giving scout ants anything to find. If the scouts come back empty, they may choose another place to live.
  • Knowing that ants eat food can give you peace of mind. If you lay food down in the middle of your kitchen and don't have any carpenter ants come to dine on it, your home isn't infested.

These ants aren't just carpenters; they are also farmers.

What does that mean? It means that they don't have to forage in your home to live inside your house. If you keep your house spotless and all your food sealed in plastic containers, you can still have carpenter ants. These pests can live off of a variety of things outside of your home, including other insects and nectar. They are particularly fond of aphids and their honeydew.

If you see carpenter ants coming into your home, don't clean things up and think that your problem will simply go away. Get a pest control professional to do an inspection and eradicate any carpenter ant colonies in or around your home. Once established, a carpenter ant colony isn't likely to move away because you've clean up the place.

Carpenter ants are always encroaching. If you'd like to know for sure that these wood chewers won't make their home inside your home, get ongoing pest control like Witt Pest Management's Topcare service. For a reasonable monthly payment, you'll have protection from carpenter ants, and 39 other common pests. It's time for you to get the protection your home deserves with our ant control services!

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