What Is Attracting Baldfaced Hornets To My Property?

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If you have a hornet problem, now is the time to find out why. Learn what is attracting the baldfaced hornet to your property.

What is the Baldfaced Hornet?

Even though the name says “hornet,” the baldfaced hornet is not actually a hornet at all. It is named “hornet” because of its size and its woven, aerial nest.

The baldfaced hornet is a stinging insect that resembles the yellow jacket. You can easily identify the blackfaced hornet because it has a distinctive black and white face and body.

The baldfaced hornet grows to be around 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch in size in size. The queen can grow as large as 3/4 inch.

Is the Baldfaced Hornet Dangerous? 

If you see only one baldfaced hornet now, you need to take action. The baldfaced hornet is very aggressive and will attack anyone or anything that goes near its nest. Where there is one, there will soon be others.

Some are fond of baldfaced hornets because they control unwanted insect populations. They will even get rid of other yellow jacket populations. For that reason, as long as the large hornet's nest is away from windows and doors, they will often be undisturbed.

Leaving baldfaced hornets alone is not the answer. If you are allergic to bee and wasp stings, or you are sensitive to them, you need to get rid of the baldfaced hornet nest immediately. 

Why Do I Have Baldfaced Hornets? 

Queens are considered overwintering pests, but they stay outside. Baldfaced hornets build their large, round nests in trees, in walls, throughout piles of rocks, and under eaves. The queen collects cellulose to make into a paste with saliva. The mix will become the paper-like material to build her large nest. The nesting materials and protection your home provides are why you have baldfaced hornets. Conditions that help to attract the baldfaced hornet include:

  • There is a water source on your property. Water may come from a pond, garden, birdbath, or pool.
  • You have a rotting tree on your property.
  • Your lawn furniture and decorations are made from wood.
  • Your attic has an awning or overhang.

As you can see, there are two things that make your home a target: water and wood. It doesn’t help that your yard provides protection as well. If you have wasps or hornets on your property, don’t try to get rid of them on your own. You will be in a world of hurt. Contact Witt Pest Management for a complete inspection, removal, and prevention plan for baldfaced hornets near your home. 

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