What Makes Bald-Faced Hornets Aggressive?


While they have "hornet" in their name, they have more in common with yellow jackets. Like yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets are social insects that will swarm and pursue a target they perceive as a threat. So what do they perceive as a threat?

What Makes Baldfaced Hornets Aggressive?

  • As a social insect, they are protective of their nests. These nests can be found mostly in trees or on the overhangs of buildings, and they grow to be about the size of a baseball. If you make noise near a baldfaced hornet nest, this could cause them to become agitated.
  • Baldfaced hornets, like yellow jackets, are sensitive to vibrations. If you have a baldfaced hornets' nest on the side of a shed or outbuilding and you start pounding on an inside wall, you could find the building quickly invaded with a swarm. Vibrations can make these insects very aggressive.
  • Vibrations can go through the air as well. If you're mowing near an overhang that has a baldfaced hornets' nest, this could make them aggressive.
  • Like other social insects, quick movements will also cause them to become aggressive. That is why it is important to move briskly away from these insects without waving your arms or swinging at them. We realize that is hard, especially if they are stinging you, but you will reduce stings if you make fewer erratic motions to aggravate them.

What to Do About Bald-faced Hornets

These insects are actually a benefit to have around your property. They kill other insects that can be pests for you; but when they build a nest on your property, the threat of having them around far outweighs their benefit.

Since baldfaced hornets can be agitated so easily, sting multiple times, and swarm, it is important to have nests taken care of by a professional. Professional pest control technicians will also follow all regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. That means you'll know that you, your children, and your pets will be safe from harmful toxins.

Another reason to have a professional handle stinging insects on your property is that not all stinging insects are handled with the same measures and protocols. Proper identification and effective treatment require an education in entomology and modern pest control.

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