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Tick at the end of a blade of grass

As a homeowner, you want to know when the risk is highest and how to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from the dangers that ticks pose. From mild irritations to life-threatening diseases, tick-related threats should not be ignored.

The typical seasonality of ticks means that they are most active starting in spring and remain active throughout the fall. They prefer warmer weather and need a host and moisture for survival. When temperatures drop below 40 degrees, ticks become more sluggish but will continue to live. Temperatures that fall below freezing for a consistent period will kill ticks. However, there are always exceptions.

If a tick is attached to a warm mammal, they can survive longer due to the body heat of their host. Also, if there is a snowy winter, especially early on, the snow can provide insulation and ticks can take shelter under the leaves and brush and survive short cold snaps. Winter hunting season in Pennsylvania means that hunters are in contact with deer that may be carrying ticks. It’s still advisable to do tick checks whenever you have been in the woods or have been in contact with potentially tick-carrying animals. So, while it’s typical that ticks are most problematic in the warmer seasons of spring, summer, and fall, that doesn’t mean that they are not a risk in the winter.

There are prevention steps you can take now to minimize ticks in spring. Having a year-round pest control program in place for your home and your property is the best solution. Reducing the number of pests you have on your property in general, including tick-carrying rodents, helps to reduce tick populations in spring. You can also do some maintenance of your home and property to seal up cracks that would allow pests in, and remove debris and clutter as well as overgrown brush and vegetation from around your property.

If you are finding ticks in your home now or are discovering them on you or your pets, it’s an excellent idea to call Witt Pest Management immediately. Our expert technicians can come to your home to figure out what might be the cause. Whether its rodents bringing them in or a mild winter allowing them to survive you’ll want the best pest control solution to eliminate these dangerous pests.

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