When Does Yellow Jacket Season Start?

Yellow jacket sitting in center of yellow flower

The yellow jacket, or vespula maculifrons, is widely feared, as it is known to aggressively defend its nest and will often inflict multiple stings on anyone who threatens it. At best, these stings are extremely painful. At worst, they can pose a serious health threat to those who are sensitive or allergic to yellow jacket venom.

Here in Pennsylvania, you may see a yellow jacket nest as early as May or June, as this is when overwintering yellow jacket queens typically begin their nest development. These queens set out and select nest sites in forest floors, rock walls, lawns, creek banks, and sometimes within structures. Normally her first brood of workers will appear in the month of June.

Now you may be wondering, “Is there anything that can be done to keep yellow jacket nests out of my home?” The answer is, yes:

  • Eliminate favorable yellow jacket nest sites. Use an appropriate sealant to fill cracks and holes in walls and trees.
  • Remove trash or clutter that could serve as shelter for insects.
  • Apply paint or varnish to outdoor wooden structures.
  • Eliminate water sources in your yard.
  • Install screens over rain spouts and water meter boxes.
  • Gather any rotted fruit dropped from trees.
  • Make sure all garbage cans have tight fitting lids.
  • Screen all attic vents.

If you happen to come into contact with yellow jackets, and they bump you or sting you, consider the following:

  • Do NOT swat at them as they will react defensively and sting more.
  • Cover your head and face with your hands or with clothing.
  • Run into the nearest building or, if you are out in the open, run until the yellow jackets have abandoned you. Do not dive into water! Yellow jackets, and other stinging insects, will hang around longer than you can hold your breath!

If these dangerous stinging insects have managed to make nests within your home or other structure on your property, they should be removed by a professional pest control company. Never attempt to kill yellow jackets by plugging the opening to their nest. This can result in the yellow jackets chewing through your interior drywall walls and entering your living spaces. Furthermore, if you have yellow jacket nests in close proximity to your home, and you or another family member has sensitivities or allergies to these pests, it is imperative that you have the nests removed by a professional.

The pest control professionals here at Witt Pest Management are highly skilled and equipped to remove yellow jacket nests from yards and buildings. We utilize a variety of treatment options and will quickly and safely remove the threat of yellow jackets. Don't take chances with these stinging pests. Give us a call today to find out about our Special Offers today.

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