Where Did The Stink Bugs Go?

Stink bug on small branch

Residents all across Pittsburgh have noticed a major decline in stink bug activity this year compared to previous years. So what is causing this decline? Are they gone for good? The Pittsburgh pest control pros at Witt Pest Management would like to offer some insight as to why there is less “stink” in the area.

The main factor that is likely to contribute to a decline in the number of stink bugs is actually from last winter. Pittsburgh as well as many other cities experienced a very mild winter, then an early spring. When the weather is milder stink bugs are less likely to overwinter in a home which means you will not see them as much.

Another factor in the decline of stink bugs could be an interruption to their breeding schedule from the weather or another factor. Just as some years prove to unleash more pests than usual, some years it is just the opposite…not that anyone is complaining!

There has also been evidence in surrounding cities that there are more stink bugs than usual which could mean that the stink bugs have migrated to other areas. Perhaps with a strong awareness of stink bug prevention in Pittsburgh, they had enough and decided to pack up and head for a new city to pester.

Of course it is also possible that residents have become used to seeing stink bugs and don’t notice their presence as much.  At first when a pest looks new and scary, like the stink bug, there is a much greater awareness causing these bugs to really stand out. But after years of knowing what they are and where they are, it is possible that Pittsburgh residents are simply overlooking something that is still hanging around.

Whatever the reason, there are not many complaints or concerns that there are less pests around. Just don’t forget to continue protecting your home from stink bugs and other pests through preventative measures as well as routine pest control services. Witt Pest Management provides safe and effective solutions for all of your home’s pest control needs. Simply contact us today to learn more!

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