Why Are Baldfaced Hornets So Angry?

Hornet sitting on log

Baldfaced hornets become more aggressive at the end of summer and the beginning of fall when food sources are becoming more scarce. These hornets start acting with a frenzied sense of urgency and will become far more aggressive. Many more people and pets are stung now than any other time of year. In spring and summer, their diet consists of mostly live prey like flies and other insects, especially for the larvae and pupae. As they mature and there are fewer young to feed, the workers grow in number and they prefer sweet treats for the nourishment they need. That’s why they will hang out at your outdoor event looking for a sticky treat on a plate, inside a cup, spills and open trash cans.

You can differentiate the baldfaced hornets from others by the white pattern on its face. Also by their nests that are paperlike and enclosed aerial nests that are gray in color. In particular, nests that are located near homes or near to the ground can be very dangerous, as they can be disturbed easily, thus aggravating the hornets even more. Usually, their nests are more than 3 feet off the ground, and some can be as big as 24” tall and 18” wide!

Baldfaced hornets can be beneficial, as they reduce other unwanted insect populations. However, people that are allergic to the venom of stinging insects should take extra precautions to have nests and insects removed promptly. If stung you should watch for complications including excessive swelling and a compromised airway. Get medical attention immediately if you are allergic or suffer any severe symptoms after being stung.

You should never try to remove a nest on your own. Pest control professionals can do the job for your, removing and discarding safely. Be aware that insecticides are poisonous and can be extremely dangerous if not handled or stored properly. Contact a trusted pest management service to take care of your baldfaced hornet infestation.

In the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area you can call on Witt Pest Management, they are “The smart way to be pest free”. Here you will find highly skilled professionals that will evaluate the problem you are having with baldfaced hornets, and find a solution that suits your situation and needs. They can resolve your infestation using only eco-friendly treatments that are highly effective.

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