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Pests in any business can wreak havoc, but pest sightings inside of restaurants, even if it’s just a fly that entered through the door as people were exiting your restaurant, can affect your business’ bottom line. Pests including flies, fruit flies, rodents, roaches, and ants can all be found invading any restaurant if proper precautions have not been taken. Along with giving your customers the wrong impression of your establishment, pests can spread diseases to your customers and employees, and even cause damages to the structure of your business.

Professional pest control is the best way to make sure that your business’s reputation in the community is a positive one. You want people telling their friends that your restaurant serves delicious food, has a friendly staff, and maintains a clean, pest-free environment; not that there was a spider in the corner, a fly in your drink, and a critter in the bathroom. In this day and age of social media, a bad review is just a key-stroke away. All anyone has to do before choosing your restaurant to spend their hard earned money in is to check online reviews. A potential customer seeing just one review of someone complaining of even the smallest pest issue could have your potential customer spending their money elsewhere.  

At Witt Pest Management we can provide you with the commercial pest control you need to ensure that your restaurant is pest free and that it continues to stay pest free into the future. Our commercial pest control services are completed through our SmartPM® program which stands for Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management. This program provides our valued restaurant owners with effective, comprehensive, and cost-effective commercial pest control services that only use insecticide when it is absolutely necessary. Our professionals will provide the protection your restaurant needs against a wide variety of insects and rodents through the following services: Inspection, Identification, Implementation, Information, and Interaction.

Don’t trust the delicate needs of your restaurant’s pest control services to just anyone, trust the pest control professionals that have been in the business of pest control since 1908. At Witt Pest Management we are committed to protecting your business, customers, employees, and of course your business’s reputation from pests. By partnering with Witt you can be sure that worrying about pest problems and the negative effects they can have on your restaurant will a thing of the past.

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