Why Spiders Enter Our Home In The Fall

Dewey spider web

Fall is the time of the year when we find ourselves wanting to be inside more often in the warmth of our homes. We aren’t the only creatures making their way inside, though. 

Do Spiders Come Inside in the Fall?

An eight-legged creature comes to mind—one that much of the population would list as a top fear. There is no doubt that spiders are one of the creepier-looking pests, despite the fact that they don’t pose any serious health risks to us. Spiders are more of a nuisance pest, the most common annoyance are their webs. There is nothing like walking through a spider web to wake us up a bit, right? It can definitely be a little frightening. 

How Do Spiders Enter Homes?

Spiders enter homes through doors, windows, small cracks, hitching a ride on personal items, and more. Spiders will form webs in areas where air currents tend to bring in prey, for example, upper corners, window frames, or across beams. They will also form them in areas of easy access such as basements and attics. Spiders favor homes with higher humidity and high levels of insect activity. Because spiders desperately want to spend the winter months indoor, they will find any way to get into our houses. Prevention becomes a key factor to avoiding any scary incidents.

Spider Prevention Tips

A few prevention techniques that we can do on our own include eliminating any access points where spiders could sneak in. This includes cracks or crevices in our foundation, around entry doors, and around windows. Whatever access points you identify, you’ll need to seal or fill them properly. If you notice any signs of spiders in your home such as eggs sacs and webs, or if you notice individual spiders, you can vacuum them up. While these tips may help, it is best to contact a pest control company for exterior perimeter treatments to truly be effective in preventing spiders from entering.

Professional Spider Control

Witt Pest Management is Pittsburgh’s oldest and most experienced pest control company. It would be a smart choice to choose them to help deal with those scary spiders, or any other pests trying to make their way into your home this fall. The safety and needs of your home, family, and pets are very important to Witt Pest Management. We highly recommend our year-round TopCare programs. These plans protect against common household insects and rodents found in Western Pennsylvania. With one of these plans, Witt Pest Management will schedule services in the spring, summer and fall and provide quality treatments that are focused on the exterior. Not only are they easy, friendly and affordable but they also come with our pest-free guarantee. So rather than risk a scary run-in with a spider or getting caught in its web, contact Witt Pest Management today.

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