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Baldfaced Hornets
Baldfaced Hornets
Overview Of Baldfaced Hornets In Pittsburgh And PA

The Baldfaced hornet gets its name because of the white pattern on its face. These hornets build gray paper-enclosed aerial nests.

Habits Of Baldfaced Hornets

Baldfaced hornets build gray, paper carton-type nests with many compartments, with a papery outer covering, which may hang near ground level or very high in trees, shrubs, vines, overhangs, sheds, and utility poles. When mature, a nest may reach a diameter of 14 inches and a length of 24 inches. A baldfaced hornet's nest is not reused the following year. Baldfaced hornets are social insects with queens that lay fertilized eggs, workers that are sterile females, and males that come from unfertilized eggs in late summer. Only queens overwinter. In spring a queen builds a nest from chewed-up cellulose and lays one egg in each compartment or cell as she builds it. She feeds the larvae protein from other insects and flower nectar. When the first workers emerge a month later, they take over feeding and nest building, while she continues to lay eggs. Eventually, there will be 3-5 combs or clusters (of several hundred cells each) which are attached one below the other. The nest will have 100-400 workers at its most active time. Later, when the colony is declining, larger cells are built to raise queens and males. Newly hatched queens and males leave the nest to mate. The queen that started this year’s nest, the workers, and the males all die. Only the new queens survive the winter by hibernation in sheltered places.

Threats Posed By Baldfaced Hornets

Baldfaced hornets can actually be beneficial because they eat many pest insect species. However, a nest near a structure or close to the ground may be a nuisance and should be removed.

Prevention For Baldfaced Hornets

A pest management specialist should be called to apply product at the entrance hole at the bottom of the nest. Nesting should be removed and discarded so that no emerging pupae cause problems later on.

Baldfaced Hornet Control In Pittsburgh

Choosing a highly skilled pest management professional to evaluate your hornet problem will help you arrive at a control solution that suits your particular needs and situation.  Our Pennsylvania pest control professionals will resolve your baldfaced hornet infestation using only eco-friendly and effective treatments that suit your home or business.