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Bed Bugs

Overview Of Bed Bugs In Pittsburgh And PA

This insect probably received its common name of bed bug from its close association with human sleeping beds where it often seeks refuge during daylight, only to come out to feed on the bed’s occupant(s) at night. The bed bug is an ectoparasite of primarily humans but will also attack poultry, caged and invasive birds, and various mammals including rodents. It was introduced into the United States with the early colonists and has made a major resurgence in Pittsburgh and other cities across the country. 

Bed bugs may emit an obnoxiously sweet odor. The other primary clues to an infestation will be the presence of bed bugs and/or small red to reddish-brown fecal spots here and there on surfaces, especially around the bed.

Habits Of Bed Bugs In Pennsylvania

Bed bugs harbor in cracks and crevices during the day and come out to feed at night. Typically they can be found around mattress buttons and beading, in box springs or their coverings, and in any crevice of a wooden bed frame, such as where members join. Other places to check are wall hangings such as picture frames, nightstands, stuffed furniture, baseboards, floorboard cracks, behind loose wallpaper, light switches, door and window frames, conduits, etc. Bed bugs will crawl considerable distances to obtain a blood meal.

The Threat Of Bed Bugs In Pittsburgh

Although the bed bug bites are painless, most people (80%) develop an allergic reaction to the saliva injected by the bug as it feeds. A swelling usually results from feeding but there is no red spot such as is characteristic with flea bites. Swelling may be severe and extend beyond the immediate bite area in highly sensitive individuals. Although bed bugs have been suspect in the transmission of many diseases or disease organisms in humans, in most cases conclusive evidence is lacking.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Bed bugs are often unknowingly introduced into homes after traveling or they can be brought in on used furniture and clothing. In commercial environments such as hotels and movie theaters, bed bugs tend to “hitch-hike” on people who were exposed to a bed bug infestation. If you have travel plans, make sure to look for bed bugs on planes and other modes of public transportation. Avoid bed bugs in hotels by inspecting your room. If you notice signs of bed bugs, request a new room on the other side of the hotel and keep your suitcase off the floor if it’s open. Do not use the dressers to store your clothing and personal items. Homeowners and business owners or managers may also encase mattresses and box springs in plastic covers, as is often done for asthma sufferers. This will kill bedbugs trapped within and prevent others from taking up residence.

Pittsburgh Bed Bug Control

Witt Pest Management provides PA bed bug control to homes and businesses in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. We offer an array of bed bug services that accurately identify bed bug problems and eradicates bed bug activity, including canine bed bug inspections and bed bug heat treatments.

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