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Carpenter Bees
Carpenter Bees
An Overview Of Carpenter Bees In Pittsburgh

Carpenter bees look like typical bumblebees but often lack yellow stripes.

Carpenter Bee Habits In Pennsylvania

Unlike bumblebees, carpenter bees are solitary insects. Female carpenter bees will chew a tunnel into a piece of wood to build a nest gallery. The bits of wood she chews and deposits outside the nest are called “frass.” The male carpenter bee guards the outside of the nest. He does not have a stinger, but his constant buzzing causes concern for some. The holes or nest gallery usually look like a perfect drill hole. When this is observed on wood structures such as eaves, overhangs, porches, etc, it is usually a good indication of carpenter bee galleries.

Threats Posed By Carpenter Bees To Property

Carpenter bees bore through soft woods to lay eggs and protect their larvae as they develop. Carpenter bees do not pose a public health threat, but they can damage wood through their nest building.

Carpenter Bee Prevention

Carpenter bees prefer bare wood, so painting and staining wood can sometimes deter them. However, they will sometimes attack stained or painted wood. A skilled pest management professional can assess the specific conditions and apply the appropriate product inside any and all galleries. It is most important to seal these holes after any material has had a chance to be absorbed to prevent carpenter bees from returning to these galleries.

Carpenter Bees In PA

A highly skilled pest management professional should be contacted immediately to evaluate the problem activity in order to generate a situation-specific solution to your carpenter bee problem in Pittsburgh, Carnegie, Verona, and throughout our area. Our Pittsburgh pest control pros resolve carpenter bee infestations effectively and in a timely manner. Contact the professionals at Witt today!

If you have carpenter bees in or around your home or business, contact the professionals at Witt today!