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Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetles

An Overview Of Carpet Beetles In Pittsburgh PA

The carpet beetle obviously gets its name from being a common pest of carpets. This species has been observed nearly worldwide, though they are more commonly found in the northern states of the United States.

Habits Of Carpet Beetles

Indoors: wall voids where other insects have lived, old rodent bait in attics and crawl spaces, wasp or hornet nests, places where dead insects and spiders have accumulated.

Outdoors (May through July): flowers where they feed on pollen and nectar, and mate; bird, chipmunk and insect nests and dead animals such as birds. Carpet beetles eat wool, hair, bristles, horn, feathers, silk, furs, insect collections, dried plants, rye flour, wheat, carpet, clothing, fabrics, pollen and nectar during mating season.

Threats Posed By Carpet Beetles

Adults fly during the day and may come indoors on flowers. They find their way in to lay eggs. Carpet beetles damage carpets, fur, insect collections, and more. Larval hairs have caused pulmonary irritation due to inhalation. Carpet beetle hairs have also been known to cause allergic reactions that make some think that they may have a problem with bed bugs!

Carpet Beetle Prevention 

The key to control of this pest is to find the primary source(s) of infestation and eliminate it/them. A pest management professional should be enlisted to help identify such source(s) that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. Comprehensive treatment should also follow a thorough inspection.

Carpet Beetle Control In Pittsburgh

A highly skilled pest management professional should be contacted immediately to evaluate the problem activity in order to create a customized pest control plan. Our Pittsburgh pest control professionals resolve beetle infestations utilizing a variety of treatment options that may include:

  • Surveillance
  • Baiting program
  • Exclusion

To learn more about carpet beetle treatment options available in Pittsburgh, Sharpsburg, Bridgeville, and throughout the surrounding areas, please contact us today!