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Citronella Ants
Citronella Ants
Overview Of Citronella Ants In Pittsburgh And Throughout PA

Citronella ants get their name from their strong lemony smell that they emit when they feel threatened. The lemon smell becomes extremely strong when the ants are crushed. These ants are yellow in color and range in length from 3-4mm. Citronella ants are a subterranean species that feed on the excretions of insects including aphids and other insects that feed on plant roots.

Citronella Ant Habits

Outside, citronella ants nest in the soil underneath rocks, concrete slabs, and rotting logs, they will also nest in the soil next to a home’s foundation and inside of crawl spaces. If they find their way inside a home they will be drawn to nest in and around areas of high moisture and in wood that has had previous water damage to it. In mature citronella ant colonies, winged females and males will swarm from the colony from mid to late summer. The reproductive members will leave the colony and mate, the males will soon die and the females will move on to start new colonies.

Threats Posed By Citronella Ants In Pittsburgh

Citronella ants pose no real threats to people or properties, they are considered to be nuisance pests. These ants can however swarm and invade your home in large numbers, and be difficult to eliminate without professional help. They can also overpower your home with their strong odor. Having citronella ants in your home may be a sign of current or previous water damage too; this makes it even more important to get to the root of your ant problem with the help of a professional.

Citronella Ant Prevention

The best way to prevent an infestation by citronella ants is to remove possible nesting areas from near your home. Make sure that firewood is stacked up off of the ground and that it is stored away from the exterior of your home. Remove any piles of rocks, logs, or other debris from your property. If there are areas of your home that have been damaged because of moisture make sure to complete appropriate repairs and use a dehumidifier in are of high moisture within your home. And finally, make sure to seal any crack and crevices found in your home’s foundation and caulk any gaps found around exterior windows and doors.

Citronella Ant Control

Citronella ant colonies and their swarms can become a major nuisance inside of your Pittsburgh home and in homes throughout the surrounding areas. The best way to find and eliminate citronella ants and their nesting areas is through professional help. At Witt our Pittsburgh pest control professionals resolve citronella ant infestations using a variety of different ant treatment techniques, including surveillance, baiting and exclusion solutions.

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