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Clothing Moths
Clothing Moths

Overview Of Webbing Clothes Moths In Pittsburgh

Clothing moths get their name because their larvae feed on wools and other clothing materials, causing great damage to such items.

The Habits Of Webbing Clothes Moths

These moths “attack” synthetic fibers only when they are interwoven with natural animal fiber material such as wool, hair, fur, etc. The larvae feed in hidden places of garments such as behind collars, on the underneath side of carpeting, etc. The adult moths do not feed and are not attracted to lights like most other moth species. Female adults are poor fliers, but fast on their legs.

Threats Posed By Webbing Clothes Moths And Their Larva

The clothing moth larvae cause great damage by burrowing through carpeting and clothing garments through their silken tunnels, causing great damage to expensive items such as wool sweaters and antique oriental rugs.

Prevention Of Webbing Clothes Moths

The key to control of this pest is to find the primary source(s) of infestation and eliminate it/them. A pest management professional should be enlisted to help identify such source(s) that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. Comprehensive treatment should also follow a thorough inspection.

Webbing Clothes Moth Control In PA

A highly skilled pest management professional should be hired to evaluate the problem activity in order to generate a solution that suits your needs perfectly. Our pest control pros in Pittsburgh, Penn Hills, Crafton, and throughout the surrounding areas are trained to resolve webbing clothes moths infestations utilizing a variety of treatment options and will educate you on how to keep these pests from returning to your home or business.

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