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Oriental Cockroaches
Oriental Cockroaches
Overview Of The Oriental Cockroach In Pennsylvania

Oriental Cockroaches are large and very dark (almost black, but sometimes dark reddish-brown), with a shiny coating. They tend to dwell in sewers and other wet environments that harbor decaying organic matter. They are also referred to as “water bugs” because they come out of drains. People may also confuse them as a black beetle because of their smooth, dark oval-shaped bodies.

Habits Of Oriental Cockroaches

This species of cockroach usually travels through sewer pipes, surviving on filth. They are usually observed in basements and crawl spaces where indoor harborage is found. Outside, they can be found in leaf piles, stones firewood and other build-up of debris, where they can feed on decaying materials. Oriental cockroaches have a more pungent “roachy” odor because they feed on filth.

Threats Posed By Oriental Cockroaches

Like other types of cockroaches, this species has also been linked to spreading various types of bacteria, parasitic worms and human pathogens. Other than sewer pipes, Oriental cockroaches can also enter structures under door thresholds, gaps in sliding doors, air ducts, etc.

Oriental Cockroach Prevention In Pittsburgh

Good sanitation and habitat reduction, along with vacuuming, surveillance, a baiting program, and some sealing of cracks can usually quickly reduce or eliminate a cockroach population. Outside perimeter treatments by skilled professionals can also be very effective to prevent future infestation.

PA Control Of Oriental Cockroaches 

To assess the severity of your cockroach problem, it is necessary to enlist a PA pest control professional to visit your property and generate a situation-specific pest control solution. Our Pittsburgh pest control professionals resolve cockroach infestations utilizing a variety of roach treatment options including:

  • Surveillance
  • Baiting program
  • Exclusion

To get rid of Oriental cockroaches in your home or business in Pittsburgh, Greentree, Carnegie, and throughout the surrounding areas, contact Witt today!