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Profile - Paper Wasps

paper wasp on wood

Overview Of Paper Wasps In Pennsylvania

Paper wasps get their name because they make paper-like nests with an umbrella-like shape.

Habits Of Paper Wasps

There is a single layer of comb with cells that open downward, hanging down by a single, narrow strand. There is no outer “envelope”. The cells remain open. The thin strand may help keep ants and other intruders out. Nests are smaller than 6 by 8 inches, with about 150-250 cells. Paper wasps eat insects and nectar. A paper wasp queen that has overwintered begins to build a nest in the spring. This primary queen nest-builder may be joined by another, secondary, queen in building and maintaining the nest. A single egg is laid in each open cell and the larvae are fed protein from insects. Later the cells are capped when the larvae are ready to pupate.

Paper Wasp Threats

Nests are hung from almost any protected structure-twigs and branches of trees and shrubs, porch ceilings, window and door frames, soffits and eaves, rafters, deck floor joists, railings. Paper wasps are beneficial insects, though if disturbed, they can and do sting, which can be a problem if a nest is touched by someone or if there is a lot of human activity near a nest.

Prevention Of Paper Wasps In PA

A professional pest control operator should be contacted to seek out the source, treat the nest and remove. Caution should be taken when trimming shrubs, picking fruit, etc., by checking for nests and activity that may be hidden.

Control Services For Paper Wasps In Pittsburgh

For effective extermination services to get rid of paper wasps in your home or business, contact the PA pest control professionals you can trust.  For quick and eco-friendly paper wasp control, contact us in Pittsburgh today!

Contact us to learn more about pest control for paper wasps and other pests.