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Stinging Yellow Jackets
Stinging Yellow Jackets
Overview And Habits Of Yellow Jackets In Pittsburgh

A paper-carton nest which eventually has 30-55 compartments surrounded by a paper “envelope”. It is made of chewed cellulose by a queen who has overwintered and is ready to lay her eggs, one in each compartment. Eventually, there will be a number of paper-like combs attached one below the other and covered with many layers of “paper”. Yellowjackets are social insects that live in colonies. Each colony has a queen that lays the eggs, female workers that do not reproduce, and males that come forth in late summer, being reared in the same cells that were earlier used for the workers. Larger cells for rearing queens are built at the end of the season. Mating occurs in the fall after newly emerged queens and males leave the nest. Only queens who have mated hibernate and live through the winter. The past season’s queen who built the nest, as well as the workers and the males, all die.

Threats Posed By Yellow Jackets 

Depending on the species, nests may be built on the ground, or in shrubs, trees, or buildings, such as houses, garages, and sheds. Yellowjackets are beneficial as they eat many pest species, however, they may sting when the nest entrance is approached and can be aggressive, stinging several times.

Yellow Jacket Prevention

A professional pest control operator should be contacted to seek out the source, treat the nest, and remove it. Treatment to nest(s) should be performed when adults are surrounding or nearby. Nests quite often can be in wall voids and other gaps and openings in a structure. Such void areas should be treated and cleaned out to prevent other insects from foraging to feed on dead pests in the area.

Yellow Jacket Control

A highly skilled pest management professional should be enlisted to evaluate the problem activity in order to generate a custom-tailored solution to suit your home or facility. Our Pittsburgh pest control pros resolve yellow jacket infestations utilizing a variety of treatment options that are sure to take care of your problem quickly and completely. Contact us to find out how Witt can help you get rid of yellow jackets and other pests.