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Common Pantry Pests and What You Can Do About Them

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Nothing can ruin your day faster than realizing you have pantry pests. The first thing your mind starts to do is think back on how long ago--and how many times--you ate from that contaminated package you just found bugs or webbing, inside. 

There are many bugs and animals that are attracted to food storage areas, but we're going to focus on the ones that are considered "pantry" pests, and leave the cockroach, rodent, and ant articles for another time. Pantry pests are creatures that not only feed on stored foods, they often lay their eggs in these foods so their larvae have easy access to the nutrients they need. This makes them decidedly more disturbing than creatures that merely feed on the food in a pantry.

The most common pantry pests in Pennsylvania are the Indian meal moth, saw-toothed grain beetle, cigarette beetle, confused flour beetle, and the rice weevil, but there are a variety of moths, beetles, and weevils that could easily be added to the list. Pantry pests don't recognize state borders, and can easily be shipped across state lines. These pests can be found in a wide range of stored food products like flour, cereal, dried fruit, dry dog food, spices, candies, and chocolate.


  • Storing food in hard plastic containers will not only keep your food fresh longer, but it will also keep invading pests out, and infesting pests from spreading to other packages in your pantry. They also have the benefit of requiring you to pour out the contents of the food you buy, so you may see eggs or webbing as you pour, and catch an infestation before you accidentally eat from those packages.
  • Be sure to check all packages when you purchase your pantry foods. Look closely for holes, tears, or broken seals.
  • Check the expiration date. Pantry pests are particularly fond of decomposing organic matter.

If you find a pantry pest infestation, let a pest specialist from Witt Pest Management help you prevent additional contamination and safeguard against future infestation by implementing control protocols that will fully address the problem. When you have Witt, you can put that infestation in your rearview mirror, and not have to worry every time you take a bite of cereal or a nibble from a homemade pastry. We're Pittsburgh's oldest and most advanced pest control company. Reach out to us for immediate assistance and schedule a service call today.

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