If you were stranded on an island, who would you want to be stranded with? Would you want someone who was raised in the Australian outback and whose hobbies include fishing, hunting, and camping, or would you want a lawyer who enjoys dining with socialites and attending the opera in his spare time? When it comes time to start a fire with two sticks, you're going to want that outdoorsman. While having a bed bug infestation isn't a life or death situations, like being stranded on an island, for some it is equally as traumatizing. Bed bugs are pernicious. Over time, they can cause rational people to do extremely irrational things. Let's take a look at the progression.

Stage One

You notice that someone in your home has bites on their side. They don't look puffy, so you don't think they're mosquito bites. They're not around the ankles, so they're probably not flea bites. But you have no idea what could have caused the bites. You shrug it off and move on with your week.

Stage Two

More bites appear. Now the bites are welts. You go to the internet and search for similar bites. In your search, you stumble upon a picture of a person with several bites that look like they follow a path on the skin. And, to your horror, you conclude that you have bed bugs.

Stage Three

You tear every bed apart and discover an infestation between a mattress and a box spring. It is a nasty black and brown mess with insect skins, tiny white eggs, and bugs everywhere. How did you not know this was in your house???

Stage Four

The all-knowing internet informs you that you can get rid of those bugs by using a vacuum to suck them all up, and by cleaning the area where those bugs were infesting. You do this and deposit the vacuum bag outside. You're all done. Bed bug infestation eliminated.

Stage Five

The bed bug infestation isn't eliminated. Now that you are aware of what these bugs look like because you've spent hours researching them on the web, you know for sure that you've caught one.

Stage Six

You buy bed bug prevention products to keep bed bugs from feeding on you while you sleep. You see bed bugs in the traps, so you know they're working, but bed bugs keep appearing in the traps. The infestation isn't going away.

Stage Seven

You're getting more bites. "How are they biting???" Every bed in the house is protected. Soon, to your horror, you find a bed bug feeding on your arm while you're watching television, and realize that bed bugs can feed on you when you're awake.

Stage Eight

Desperation overtakes you and you begin to do things that are unwise. We won't tell you what those unwise things are, but they have been known to lead to a catastrophic loss of property and loss of human life. Fortunately, for you, these methods don't end in tragedy. They lead you to call a certified pest control professional to eliminate those blood-eating tormentors.

Your Story May Be Different

This may not be your story. In fact, it is quite likely that your story will be different. But the elements will be similar. Bed bugs are invasive, frustrating pests that are experts at avoiding extermination. That is why you need an expert who knows how to effectively control them.

The Benefits Of Professional Bed Bug Control

  • You won't waste a lot of time

  • You won't waste a lot of money, only to continue to have an infestation

  • You won't continue to be bitten and tormented by these pests for months

  • You won't have to wonder if you still have bugs, professionals know how to inspect for bed bugs

  • A professional pest technician follows strict safety guidelines established by industry experts to protect your home and your belongings

  • When your bed bug infestation is quickly resolved, you can stop worrying and get back to living life

If you live in Pennsylvania, find out if you're in our service area. The QualityPro Certified bed bug control professionals at Witt Pest Management understand the complex process of bed bug elimination. They use trusted control methods to ensure complete extermination. Reach out to us today for same-day service.